Wednesday , June 16 2021

Shock! Round musicians were left without an accordion

Although it's been talked about for some time in musical circles, it's an admission Andrea Topliskaan excellent vocalist, accordionist and multifunctional instrumentalist, author of Round Musikants' melodies, that in 20 years this famous ensemble, also known abroad, shocked much of the national and entertainment scene.

Andrei Toplishek is at home in Rogaska Slatina, where he will be more in the optics and will continue his career in the younger Trio Toplishek.

"The time has come to say goodbye to this group. Every man in his book of life once turns the leaves forward, so I turn it over. With Round Musicals we have overcome many places and countries in nearly 20 years, traveling a lot of miles and spending countless nights. But the time is coming when you have to spend more time on a family that has always supported me and to get a regular job and watch life from another angle through other glasses. Of course, music remains my loyal colleague, but in a smaller but very exciting group, Tria Toplishek. Thank you all for the nice moments we spent together, Okrugli muzikantom all well in advance, "from musical companions France Vrbovská, Leon and Robija Polanca and brand Maastnak Andrei, a professor of optics, says, but the music is referred to professional water.

Two decades were together and traveled in many places and countries.

Last year he celebrated the 30th anniversary of joining the accordion. That's why the music does not flinch in the letter, but it's true that it will be more frequent now than on the stage, it can be seen in its optics in the middle of Rogaska Slatina, where it returns in 12 years and will continue its family tradition. He will still be in a studio where he has already recorded all his original projects: ten years ago, the first disc with the title Andrei Toplishek Alpengold, soon after his music around the world, and the third independent jazz album.

Andrei Toplishek performs with Orchestral musicians.

Interestingly, according to his steps the sons are already coming Aliaz and Andragge, what are they with your wife? Barbara very proud. The family is that Andrew, who has written most of the melodies that circus musicians have contributed to the music treasury, has stood constantly on the country. The best listeners will remember it as author and singer in two waves, I go to Zvonar and I'm on the road, and of course others.

By making the decision many shocking music friends, it is possible to understand a number of comments. For example, a musician Milan Pogladnik writes: "The master of the accordion … surprised us, sorry that you were one of the best groups with Okrugi muzikanti, and you will miss us on the national and entertainment scene."

He will dedicate himself to his profession, but he does not pay attention to music.

Tilen Selic "You will miss us in the Ogroggs …" Also the accordionist appeared Tony Sotoshek: "Andrew, whatever you decide, I wish you luck on the way, so far you've really been marked by the Ogly!" No doubt. But Andrey will go on his way, and round musicians will continue with the new accordion. Who will, the boys will reveal it soon. We will, of course, publish it.

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