Wednesday , September 28 2022

Skeptics, shame, joke: foreign media on the wooden statue Melanie Trump


Some foreign media have also called for the wooden statue of the first American lady Melanie Trump, who came to live in Sevnitsa. The BBC announced that the local statue is called Smrketo, and Euronews wonders if it is a gift from Melanie or a scam.

sculpture Melanie Trump, which was officially presented on Friday at the This Echo exhibition by American artist Brad Downey, close to Sivnitsa, also reflects in the global media.

Sculpture of Melanie was opened in Rozno in Kursko Municipality on Friday at the Downey Exhibition at the Vjgalitsa Gallery in Ljubljana, which embodies the growing American First Lady in the nearby Senjitsa. The order is given by craftsman and sculptor Aleš Župevc, known as Maxi.

British BBCamong other things, it is said that the statue of the first First Lady of America is called Smurf. They commented on locals who, among other things, put the statue as a shame and that "does not look like Melania"On the other hand, the French press AFPsays 66-year-old Sevicka Katherine, which says that the layout of the statue is a good idea: "Melanie is a Slovenian heroine, she climbs on the very top of the United States."

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American New York Post among other things, he is quoted as saying that the strange image is an insult to the glorious ex-neighbor. "Although natives are proud of the most famous exports, Melanie, they are not very impressed by the similarity between the statue and her." the British reported ITV,

24-year-old student in architecture NothingHe says: "If the sculpture was designed as a parody, then the artist was successful."

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Similarly, the sculpture was commented on by German TV RTL,"It should be a pleasant surprise for the place many tourists visit for Melanie, but instead the natives are upset," they wrote.

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