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Sony is cautioned that the 4K – Tehnozvezdje has been spurred on the phone

Matjaž Ropret

25. februarja 2019 ob 15:47

Sony has been re-doing what it has been said to do with the phones, and not the car. Verjetno is thus true, with some ideas to attract attention, it would not normally be invoked. Note that with the Xperia 1 again, they have been restarted to a 4K message that some of them have left in the phone.

Sony is the ultimate genius of film studios in the world
proda nejprečme opreme za snemanje filmov. But in those who fear the heat and the kaj
ustvarjalci used in their own work. It looks good, but I can not
monitors for the verification of the set 'set' but from the giant in the phone
Xperia 1 in the right place and right. It's hard to see on the seagoon,
if you do not want the phone to come in a year, the temple is attached to the counter.
Indeed, it is common practice for the normal use of such
in other words, it does not take any drugs. Obenem bodo ponudniki aplikáj, med
Netflix and Fortnite have just added the theme of the phone. Not alone after
kakovosti, ampak tudi po razmerju.

Xperia 1 is the equivalent of visoka. Ima zaslon s
cinematographic film 21: 9. Ideal for film and gejmerje, kako
the telegraph of the telegraph pounded on the nose in the rib, pa bomo saw. Vsekakor
there is more than all phones that have the weapon of Slovakian novinarji imeli
in self-esteem.

Photographs with Sony ni mogel upreti skušnjavi trojnih
cameras. Navsezadnje je prostor dovolj. So can you shoot with
three different gorisciences – 16, 26 in 52 mm. Kakovost bi za slikovnega
processor, and even the Alpha cameras, so also moral storiti korak
naprej. Anyway, it is nujno, here Xperije that notoriously behind, jump
is boring. Snemanje videos are kaypak can also in 4K HDR format.

Poleg enice is Japanese business presented by two desetics. The Xperia 10 in the Xperia 10 Plus comes with a phone that has a 21: 9 aspect ratio, so the bass can be more expensive, and so it can be bridged, with older processors and battery batteries, and also with a touch of quality. In the sale of the trunk, medtronic and Xperia 1 on the fly.

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