Wednesday , June 7 2023

Sting because of the disease dropped out of the concerts


67-year-old Gordon Samner, known as Sting, canceled the concerts he had planned for his concert tour in Europe. Doctors advised him not to act because of a bad feeling.

On June 4 he played in Stazice.PHOTO: Miro Muchchen

sting, who delivered to Slovenia on June 4, had to give up concerts because of health problems. He reported a sad news on Twitter after having had to cancel a concert in the German city of Munich, according to the doctor's instructions, which should appear in the evening. Otherwise, the musician has already canceled a concert in which he will appear on Monday in the Belgian city of Ghent.

A musician who began his career in the seventies with the band PoliceNow he has canceled all subsequent concerts he planned, not to appear on July 11 in Stuttgart and on July 12 in Brno, the Czech Republic.

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"Sting sincerely regrets that he has disappointed or caused discomfort to his fans, they write in a press release, adding that they can return the purchased tickets and rebuild them.

So far she is not aware of what health problems she has suffered and why she had to give up on concerts.

Sting, who began his solo career in 1985, has been married since 1992 Trudy Stylerwith whom they have four children, namely Mickey, Jake, Giacoma and Eliot,

Sting had to give up health gigs.PHOTO: Miro Muchchen

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