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Surprise in the US: Federer has not lost so quickly in 16 years!

At the ATP Masters in Cincinnati, the biggest surprise was young Russian Andrei Rublev, who eliminated second-rounder Roger Federer in the 3rd round. Andrea Klepac reached the semi-finals for the doubles. Slovenian tennis players Aljaž Bedene and Blaž Rola are just a step away from the semi-finals of the Puerto Rican athlete. Both safely jumped over the remaining obstacles.

The best Slovenian tennis players can meet on Saturday night if they beat the next rivals on Friday, which are at least much stronger on paper than they are today. Aljaž Bedene, who is the first winner of the tournament, will face Slovakia's Lukash Klein, the third finalist on Friday after 8pm. Bliss Rollo after 6:30 pm with Rousseau Roman Safiulin.

These are young players, twenty-one and twenty-two who are fit in life. Both reached the highest ranking of their careers last week. Klein is 343rd and Safiulin is 233rd.

Rolla has secured at least 130th place in the world

Blaz Rolla is in such superb form. He has qualified for the last five riders in at least the quarterfinals, and since the end of April this year was his twenty-fifth victory in just nine losses. By qualifying for the quarterfinals of Portoroz, he secured at least 130th place in the world, almost 140 places higher than four months ago.

"I feel like I'm getting into shape years ago when I was one of the first eighty players in the world. Of course, I want to take a step further and go beyond those early career results," he said. Bliss Rollo, which has not been so high on the ATP scale for nearly four years.

Bedenet's rival is less adept and visibly upset

A much better game than Wednesday showed Aljaž Bedene, Partly because the contestant was also less adept and visibly upset, but also because Beden himself mentioned that he would surely progress from duel to duel. Sasikumar Mukunda of India suppressed in 56 minutes (6: 2, 6: 2).

"I felt so much better than the ball, so much more satisfied with my game than yesterday. It's important for me to play as many games as possible, of course, because I want to improve my game on a solid basis. and here my game is not as sovereign as I would like it to be, "said Bedene, who split with coach Okaz Gavrilov after half a year.

Aljaž Bedene: I felt much better with the ball, so I'm much more satisfied with my game than yesterday.

Aljaž Bedene: I felt much better with the ball, so I'm much more satisfied with my game than yesterday.
Photo by Greg Valancic / Sportida

In Portoroz, Bedeneta is accompanied by a captain of the national team Miha Mlakar, at the US Open, which will begin in New York in late August, will be looked after by 43-year-old German Markus Wilsperger, former coach of Philippe Kolschreiber, who now manages his compatriot Janic Madden.

According to the 30-year-old Ljubljana resident, he will participate in tournaments with the German, where Maden will also play and decide by the end of the year whether the choice is right. "Much split at will. He said he wants to spend more time at home and that he has not been doing well in tournaments lately. I'm disappointed when you tell me this, but I'm still a friend and I think he will someday turn to her for some advice. "

The Russians' biggest and most emotional victory

Roger Federer has not lost so quickly since 2003.

Roger Federer has not lost so quickly since 2003.
Photo of Reuters

A young Russian tennis player Andrey Rublevqualifying for the Cincinnati Main Event by qualification came as a big surprise. In the 3rd round, he expelled the 17-year-old Swiss Roger Federer 6: 3 and 6: 4. The 21-year-old Rublev is ranked 70th in the world power rankings and has dealt with a number of health issues in recent seasons.

& # 39; & # 39; This is my biggest and most emotional victory. I beat a real champion and a great legend who faces a lot of pressure every day, "said the Russian, who experiences Federer, a seven-time winner at Cincinnati Masters, as a role model. The Swiss has not suffered a 16-year defeat so quickly. hands for 62 minutes He recently lost expressly in 2003 in Sydney v Franco Squillari (54 minutes).

Andrei Rublev finished 31st in the ATP ranking six and a half years ago.

Andrei Rublev finished 31st in the ATP ranking six and a half years ago.
Photo of Reuters

& # 39; & # 39; He was great, left him no chance. Defense, attack, exceptional service. He is present throughout the field. He impressed me & # 39; & # 39; congratulating the contestant on the longtime No. 1 in the world. Rublev will compete against his compatriot in the quarterfinals Daniel Medvedev,

The top eight in the world are the best Serbian player in the world Novak Djokovic, who was better than Spaniard Pablo Careno-Busta, French, with 6: 3 and 6: 4 Lucas Puli and Richard Gasquet, Belgian David Goffin, Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka and the Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut.

Chat for the semi-finals

In the third round Argentinean Slovenian and new Slovenian national team bid farewell to Portoroz Tomasz Lipovsek PuigAfter three smooth wins in qualifying and the first two rounds he had to acknowledge the superiority of Rousseau Artem Dubrovni, who celebrated 7: 6 (3) and 6: 3.

Andreja Klepac performed very successfully in Cincinnati.

Andreja Klepac performed very successfully in Cincinnati.
Photo by Gulliver / Getty Images

Andrei Klepach combined with the Czech Republic, Lucy Hradecko qualified for the quarterfinals of the $ 2.9 million WTA Tournament in Cincinnati. The eight seeders were better in the second round with 6: 2 and 6: 3 than Lyudmila Kichenok-Jelena Ostapenko Ukrainian-Latvian connection.

The eight brackets then advanced to the semi-finals without a fight, as the first brackets of Taiwanese Su-Wei Hsi and Czech Barbora Stritsova delivered a duel. Slovenian-Czech relations will compete with Czech identical twin sisters Caroline and Kristina Plushkova to make it to the finals.

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