Wednesday , June 7 2023

The 27-year-old fell off the engine and lounged


BRANIK – Around 27:00 on Sunday, a 27-year-old driver of an unregistered motorcycle and without a valid driver's license was driving from Komen to Branik. In front of the bridge over the Branica stream, he drove to the left side of the carriageway, hit the curb and concrete pillar of the bridge, and lay sore injured. He suffered injuries to his head and abrasions throughout his body, and he did not have helmets. He was driving under the influence of alcohol (1.41 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air). Traffic police seized the moped, and several serious violations will result in a 27-year-old being charged with a competent county court.

In addition to traffic police officers and professional firefighters from Nova Gorica, at the scene of the car accident, rescue workers from Nova Gorica were taken and transported to the Šempeter hospital for treatment.

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