Wednesday , September 28 2022

The 46-year-old suffers from suicide at the scene of the accident


Slovenian roads again demanded their tax.

On Friday, at 18:25, a road accident involving a fatal accident occurred on the regional road outside Preserje, in the municipality of Brezovica, where a 46-year-old driver died, police said.

The driver of a car has driven from the direction of Preser in the direction of Gorenska Brezovitsa. When he pulled him out of the right turn, he lost control of the car, began to relieve it, then took him to the left where he ran into the bank and overturned the vehicle. He died at the scene of an accident due to serious injuries.

Over the past 24 hours, police have dealt with 147 road accidents in which one person has died, 20 disasters have ended with minor injuries and one with serious injuries. According to the Police Headquarters, police also investigated 114 violations of public order and peace and 106 criminal offenses.

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