Saturday , September 25 2021

The big chess fight in London continues

The current world chess champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and American contender Fabiano Carouana departed for the 12th consecutive time in London in the last regular game in the battle for the title world chess champion. The decision for the champion will fall into extensions where time will be more limited than before.

After three hours and 31 moves of today's game, Carlsen, twenty-seven, offered the young American a few years of surprise, as he had a great advantage, and after computer analysis, tactical leadership was also taking place.

But with black figures, he chooses caution against his opponent's unconventional tactics and will try to defend his title in a faster game where he is considered a more important favorite.

Both chess players won 6 points in 12 regular games. With this, they again recorded a record for the longest awards in the 132-year history of the World Cup battle, nine times before this year's meeting.

Extensions for the title will consist of four games in which the chess players will have 25 minutes, and after each move they will receive 10 seconds. If the fight is not resolved then, there will be up to five high-speed games where they will be available at the starting point every five minutes, adding three seconds to the turn.

If the battle is also a tie, then the decisive game will be followed by a white player – this will be in the Carouana style – five minutes and Karlsen 4, but Carlsen will be named the winner in the event of a tie.

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