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The Chinese came to Slovenia through diaries and became the #video's largest buyer

With the day of open doors, today's 13th timber auction was completed in Slovane Gradec, where a record 3,706 carcasses were collected. Much of the wood was bought by foreign buyers, almost a quarter of the buyer from China, the largest buyer. The highest but not record price also reached the mountain map this year.

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The highest price for the logs of the mountain maple at this year's auction is 15,389 euros, and the owner of the log is from the area of ​​the Great Lashche region. This diary reached the price of 9225 euros per cubic meter of wood. The highest price per cubic meter of wood is achieved with the second log of maple, ie. EUR 9,275 per cubic meter, and the owner of Pressee in Brezovitsa municipality, Clemen Sutarsic, will receive EUR 11,045 for the entire diary.

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This is the most expensive diary sold at one of the biggest auctions #video #foto

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See how the auction last year. Video: Planet TV

The two carcasses, which reached the highest prices per cubic meter and on the log, were bought by an Italian buyer who produces the top veneers, said Joze Jeromel of the Association of Farmers in the Myslin Valley, which organized the auction in cooperation with the Forest Owners Association in Slovenia and the Slovene Forest Service (ZGS).

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From the logs you can create pavers for garden or garden paths

According to Jerome, some Chinese buyers are also seen in the logs, and the buyer from this country sends the offers through the Slovenian company. He bought more than 900 cubic meters of oak, maple and autumn, which means he is the largest buyer, Jeromel said.

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Death of wood: the trees fell on it

At this year's auction, after Jerome's forecast, about 1.2m euros will be rolled back.

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