Sunday , July 3 2022

The countdown has started. ETIEN EAST and DARE SCREEN face to face, but with a GREAT MISTAKE!


The long-awaited second-class show on the sunny side of the Alps will happen over the weekend.

In the first two rounds Gorizia justified the role of the biggest favorite in the Second League team and is on the wings Etienne Easter the only team that can boast 100% of receipts after 180 minutes. The blue and whites were successful in Dravograd at the end of the week, but have already turned their minds to the next challenge. The countdown to the derby with Koper has begun, which also does not hide the desire for a league ticket. for Bonifika significantly strengthened the cast and sent strong messages to rivals, but this is a start for Darrett Vrsic and teammates are not what they imagined. After the opening draw at Portoval they are Miran Srebrich and his security at the stadium simply re-married with the brigades and, in anticipation of the confrontation with the blue and whites, came under at least less pressure.

Former first-class billing will be on Saturday, it will start at 4.30pm and it will also be a big mistake to put it this way. Namely Etienne the Great and Dare Vrsic will not stand on opposite sides New Bitter, The renovation of the green in the Sports Park is not yet complete, so it will be played on neutral ground and will host the stadium in Aydovsk. With all due respect to the facility in Storm City, but a match in the Rose City would still have a different dimension …

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