Sunday , July 25 2021

The court sentenced the wife of the former Serbian musician

In April last year, the Serbian public rocked the news that the musician Natasha Bequalatz had defeated her ex-husband, Luca Lazukic, in her apartment. After a year of prosecution, the court convicted him and sentenced him to three years in prison.

According to Serbian media, he was Luka Lazukic, a former soprano of a Serbian musician Natasha Bequalaz, sentenced to three years in prison. The indictment was issued one year after the prosecutor's office, and a little over a year after he brutally beat his ex-wife in Deddyne's apartment.

Luca Lazukic said in an interview that he did not beat his wifePHOTO: Instagram

Shortly after the scandal broke out publicly and filled the news with many Serbian magazines and magazines, Lazukic said in one of the interviews that he was not his wife and that the traces of hits and scars are the result ofits anti-cellulite procedures.

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Despite the public's claim that he is innocent, the court acknowledges him guilty of numerous evidence and testimonies of people close to the former couple. Over the next three years, he was banned from any rebellion or assault in the accusations against the accused and was forbidden to approach his ex-husband. If the sentence is violated within three years, eight months' imprisonment will follow.

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