Friday , July 30 2021

The energy drinks completely destroyed the teeth of this young man

It is known that excessive energy drinks can lead to many health complications. But what happened Vinnie Puner, A 21-year-old student in computer science, but many of them very shocking. A look at his oral cavity reveals the devastation left by 7-month uncontrolled drinking of energy drinks. Of course, sugar is mainly fatal for teeth, but caffeine is the one that causes so much addiction.

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A short time for up to 6 pollinators a day

Everything is over
began when Vinnie Piner needed some help in learning. This is easier
he was still awake and gathering, helping with energy drinks, but he got up
of them very quickly depends on them. It did not last long until he started drinking
6 cans per day. Then one day he ate an apple, okay
there was a shock. Four teeth were broken, and the remaining teeth were broken
was at this time in extremely poor condition because of the excessive
The amount of sugar attacked rot. When he looked at Pinner's teeth, he had to be
even a dentist was totally shocked to say that it should be one
the worst examples he has ever seen.

That did not help
nor regular brushing

It would be a great deal
with this story, I thought the bad dental hygiene was wrong. You have to
Vinnie Puneer washed his teeth twice a day but could not
to prevent the negative effects of drinking such amounts of energy drink.
All this has led to serious problems with the self-confidence that makes it
a young Briton dropped out of his training. He is currently working on the rehab trial
of his teeth, which of course requires a lot of money. At the same time tries with
By sharing his story, he is warned of how they can be addictive and dangerous at the same time
energy drinks. In addition to increasing the risk in excessive quantities
for high blood pressure, palpitations, severe nausea, type 2 diabetes or even for
A fatal dose of caffeine can also have a detrimental effect on the teeth.

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Quantitative discounts have also helped addiction

One of the reasons why Pyner has developed such an extreme form of addiction is that it has been overtaken by quantitative concessions. So he started buying energy drinks in bigger packs. Since he had large quantities, he, of course, was increasingly opposed. His mother told him she noticed that her son had drunk lots of energy drinks and warned her. However, she admits that she never imagined that something like that might happen to her.

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