Monday , September 26 2022

The festival at all Metaldays festivals is probably leaving Tolmin


It is expected to cut off part of the camp. Photo: MMC RTV SLO / Sandy Fischer

The Municipality of Tolmin and the Infrastructure Directorate strive not to hit the main venue, the Arena Festival, but will cut off part of the festival space for camping, which the organizers of the festival have not convinced and consider leaving. Where it is not known at the time.

The endangered existence of the Metaldays festival?

Asked if the festival leaves Tolmin, she is a representative MetalDays Nothing Brunei said they would continue to see, but after all the talks, it is very likely next year to be the last time. But he adds that no, because you would like that.

Borut Nicholas by sports agency Maya Tolmin is convinced that this will be a big blow to Tolmin and Tolmin's tourism as he thinks one person will pull out three festivals that have brought a certain number of visitors and overnight stays to the municipality, thus contributing to the extra income in place.

Computer visualization of the planned Tollmin ring road Photo: Ginex International

The ring road has been approved by the government for six years, with more than half of the landowners having signed repurchase agreements. The design documentation has already been prepared and construction is expected to start in 2021.

Mayor Tolmin Uros Brezhin does not consider these issues to be insoluble and explains that Tomaz Wylenpart, a representative of the Directorate for Infrastructure, of the state secretary nine Mauhler only the site of the Ministry of Infrastructure in Tolmin. During the tour, the organizers of the festival agreed to attend a joint meeting in September.

The biggest music festival in Slovenia will certainly continue in Tolmin next year, and his fate for the future remains uncertain. As early as August, Tolmin will host a festival rubbish rock holiday and Overjam reggae,

This year's MetalDays has over 100 performers in three festival studios with around 12,000 visitors who are also cool in the hot days of Socha and Tolminka. Photo: Bobo

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