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The film about the monetary unwanted criticisms: "Dry, gray and boring".


Goran Vishic as Ante Gotovina. Photo: IMDb

movie commonThe premiere of the Pula Film Festival on Saturday, other reviews are unlikely, and the audience in the amphitheater is split after the movie.

Retired General Ante Gotovina was not the prime minister in the Pula arena. According to Croatian media, he said the film could ever be seen in a private company. Photo: Reuters

Morning Leaf: Pandan Stalin's 1947 films are his
Mostly, Morning List for this 170-minute film is written that they have been preparing for ten years and recorded four months in the production involving hundreds of players and a series of parts of the Croatian army and costing nearly 20 million kuna (2.7 million euros). In the evaluation, we read about how calmly we can say that no one has received what they expect from the function. Besides, the film is not honest, neither political nor historical. The critic concludes this Pandan feature films are not partisan films of the 70s, and Stalinists from 1947.

in the evening Leaf: You can not promise a reward
critic Evening sheet considers it difficult to expect the project to receive any of the international awards. "It will certainly satisfy citizens who want a large Croatian project for a quarter of a century sacrifice and the courage of Croatian soldiers in the Internal War,"He adds a Zagreb newspaper, intending to record a great Croatian film about one of the most exposed facets of the Patriotic War that has not been in Croatian cinematography since its very existence, and the one that is known for the former Yugoslav cinema read Evening Newspaper.

Slobodná Dalmatia: Dialogues at the Lima of Latin American Telenovelas
Mostly, Slobodná Dalmatia they said that we saw the most expensive Croatian film of all time: in the history of General Gotovina's life the dialogues prevail at the border of Latin American telenovelas, there is a lot of drama but a little real man.

Scene from the movie General. Photo: Pula Film Festival

Index.h: The movie is obviously a subordinate series
"The film is old-fashioned, sometimes unsustainable, pitiful, full of clichés and disassembled by more than clumsy assembly,– says the web portal index.h, They think the film is an obviously subordinate series that is filmed in parallel. It is reported that eight episodes of the television series "General".

And what does it matter to the general public?
As mentioned above, the audience was divided after the premiere. While some excitedly emphasized that Croatia has finally received a real trait for the war, which also showed:the correct mentality of the Serbs"others were disappointed that the full potential of Gotovina's exciting life had not been used, nor were the money invested justified Some people who personally know Gotovina have said that the retired general's performance is a question of artistic freedom",

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