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  • On Sunday, three matches remain from the 16th round
  • Rudar – Olimpija on TV SLO 2 / MMC

Marcos Tavares and Luka Zahović and Jasmin Mešanović are Maribor's aggressive trio against Triglav, which they have broken in Kranj this year from 5: 1. Photo: BoBo

Sirk Skirt

Rok Sirk had rocked Roka Kronavetr with his tenth first goal and at least temporarily in the first league scorer. Photo:

First league shooter Sirk with his tenth goal for Mura's celebration against Gorizia

November 10, 2018 at 2:02 p.m.,
last intervention: 10 November 2018 at 18:13
Murska Sobota, Maribor – MMC RTV SLO

The First League 16 round was opened at Murska Sobota from Mura and Gorizia. Martin's example is the victory left home, the husband of the decision was the best shooter of the Sirk Rok championship. 16.15 followed by a duel on Ljudski vrt where Maribor will host Triglav.

This began with a warning when the first opportunity was won by Triglav through Tom Hurghara. 8 minutes into the match, Luka Zahović is far from the left post Darjan Curanović, who finally defended directly against Maribor in the 7th round at the beginning of September. After 18 minutes, there was a surprise for People & Gardens: on the left side he broke through Tilen Mlakar, defeated Denis Klinar and triggered a diagonal shot which tricked Jasmin Handanovic.

The best Euroleague 1st shooter SNL
On the other hand, the captain responded with a great campaign Marcos Tavares. The purple icon is played, while Kranjcani retreats, then Tavares starts with 20 m and hits a small net with shots wrapped. Eurogolf for the 144th goal of the best goalscorer in the history of the Slovenian national soccer championship.

Mat in three blows
After that, the players from Maribor played a more combinatorial lead, which resulted in a 56-minute lead. After 88 minutes, an error by the hosts' left defense allowed Jasmin Mešanović to qualify, he had a shot deflected just wide of the ball. Luka Zahovic, who has the full goal for the seventh league match. In 4 minutes, it's 3: 1, he walks through the defense Kranj Felipe dos Santos and hit from the edge of the area and beat Curanovic with the help of the goal.

In the 68th minute, the violet player played an extraordinary hand over Tavares' heaviest penalty. And Curanovic defended Captain Maribora's shot, which, however, despite his age, first rejected the goal of the spinning ball and easily scored the second goal of the night. A victory over Štajercev nad Gorenjci can be even more significant if Zahović will take advantage of other opportunities from many of his efforts.

Maribor, after beating the derby with Olimpija, quickly returned to the winning rails and was highly celebrated in Celje, after dragging the dragon with Domžale, now the top has four points above. Triglav also won the last round after he was better than Krsko after the turn. The first duel of the season was won by Maribor from 5: 1 in Kranj.

The right circuit with his head after giving an angle
In Fazanerija, in the repeat of the Slovenian Cup quarter-finals, they were measured Mura in Gorica. A few days ago, the premiere of four Prekmurci fans rejoiced at the guests for the first time in the First League season. In early September, the team at Nova Gorica separated without a winner (2: 2).

The hosts took the lead in the 44th minute when Klemna Šturma was cornered in the penalty area Sirk Skirt and beat Gregor Sorcan with his head. The Mure striker has reached his tenth goal this season and is now the best shooter in the national championship.

Lipuschek has a gorilla on his head and legs
Following this, Goričani had the initiative and they honestly squeezed the defense into defense, but they were inaccurate in the final strike. The last two opportunities for Gorizia have a high defender in the last quarter hour Žiga Lipuscek. At first, his head was not accurate enough, but he shot straight from the ideal position to the lap of Matko Obradović, far in extra time.

Velenje game on TV SLO 2 / MMC
The other three matches ahead of the representative pause, Domžale – Celje, Rudar – Olimpija, which you can see in direct transmission on TV SLO 2 and MMC, and Krško – Aluminij, will be held on Sundays.

Round 16:
MURA – GORICA 1: 0 (1: 0)
Sirk 44.

Mura: Obradovic; Kous, Boskovic, Marusko, Sturm, Kozar, Lorbek, Susnjara ( 91./Rebernik), Kouter ( 88./Horvat), Karnicnik, Sirk ( 84./Maroša).

Gorica: Sorčan; Curk, Tomiček, Lipušček, Celcer, Humar ( 60./Gulic), Grudina, Kolenc ( 82./Duzdanovic), Osuji, Kotnik ( 60./Jermol), Smajlagić.

Judge: Aleksandar Matković (Ravne na Koroškem)

MARIBOR – TRIGLAV 3: 1 (1: 1)
35th, 68th Tavares Zahovic 56., dos Santos 60; Mlakar 26.
Curanovic defended 11th Tavares in 68th.

Maribor: Handanović; Klinar, Ivković, Šuler, Viler; Cretu( 84./Vrhovec), Pihler; Mešanović, Tavares ( 88./Dervišević), dos Santos ( 64./Bajde); Zahovic .

Triglav: Curanović; Бојић, Elsner, Alic, D. Kryeziu, Mlakar ; Tijanic ( 82. / Gajic), E. Kryeziu; Hurry up( 66./Cessen), Majcen, Afoite ( 78./Udovič).

Sunday at 2:00 p.m.:

Transfer to TV SLO 2 and MMC.

At 6:00 p.m.:

MARIBOR 15 10 3 2 43:13 33
OLYMPIA 15 8 5 2 32:18 29
GORICA 15 5 7 3 21:23 22
DOMZALE 15 5 5 5 27:23 20
MURA 15 5 4 6 23:22 19
CELJE 15 4 7 4 17:23 19
ALUMINUM 15 5 3 7 21:24 18
TRIGLAV 15 4 3 8 21:32 15
RUDAR 15 4 3 8 15:33 15
KRŠKO 15 2 6 7 11:20 12

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