Monday , September 26 2022

The Japanese are angry with Kim Kardashian


Kimono is a traditional Japanese solemn dress. Photo: EPA

On Tuesday, the 38th year was a line of underwear designed to mark the name she had named Kimono intimateBut her latest jump in the world of fashion has not come to positive feedback. They met with Japan, where they are convinced that the Kimina brand is attractive to Japanese traditional clothes.

"We carry a kimono for special occasions, whether it's for weddings, funerals, holidays, festive events, this is our traditional garment, which is usually passed on from generation to generation." His underwear collection has nothing to do with kimono, but that's a word she obviously looked interesting because she hid her name Kim, and she showed no respect for our culture and what the kimono means to us. told the BBC Duca Oakhishi,

Like Jukas Oshishi, most Japanese can not accept the fact that Kim has a record of such importance in Japanese culture as a trademark. Kim decided last year on this move, but until recently the public did not know that.

Some people are afraid people will start a kimono with the Kardash family instead of the Japanese culture. "It's amazing how much Kim influences the popular culture, I'm afraid that his impact is so great that people will know the word kimono only in combination with her brand." If this brand becomes as strong as its other products, it can be just imagine how this will affect the perception of people, added Yukha Oshashi.

When choosing the name, they also hinder Juumondi University. "Such an act shows the total neglect of the Japanese identity, and that word can not belong to Kim Kardashian," – she said Sheila Cliff from the University.

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