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The judge threatened to be taken to the baptism


MARIBOR – "Bastards, buns, victims, sexually charged for money" is just part of the vocabulary used by the caller at the home of the idyll when he wanted to talk to a former mistress. At present, telephone operators who have picked up telephones are more or less convinced that this is the voice of the accusations of the accused Stanko Omerzu, "The Lord, who introduced himself as Stanko Ommerz, wanted to talk to a woman. The calls came five or six times a day. It became increasingly uncomfortable, "she told the court Matthew Zobets, who helped the student service during homework as a receptionist.

5 times to six times a day she would call Odmerz on Idyllo.

She also entered the story room Brigitta Juhart Lesnik, which must confirm before the court the story of the accused President of the Maribor Labor Court about how he explained to the assembled society that he had given his cell phone to a woman. "We met at the staff conferences I helped to organize. Stanko Omerzu was invited to the lecture, and in one of the conversations I told the audience what an unpleasant experience I was spending with the person who bought me the phone, then he called me on this phone, "said Yuhart Lesnikov.

Flowers in front of the door

At that time he had to shoot Ommerz as well as a shot from the cannon that he also donated a phone to a woman from Slovanska Bistritsa and hoped that there would be no problems because of that. "When we met again at the conference next year, they asked me how I solved the issue, but at the same time he said he was experiencing such a story now," said Brigitte Juhart Lesnick. The fact that the telephone apparatus, from which most of the evidence in this criminal procedure has been handed over to the victim, is judged by the judge Karmen Krajnc to convince a lawyer Marian Witt, saying that the president of the court during the conversation, when he himself told him he had given the old device to a bakery vendor, explained that he also gave his wife this woman.
How stingy, violent, and violent Stanko Omzeru was to the former, tried to explain to her court her close associate Spella Luba: "I stood by her because she can not stand it anymore. She showed me SMS messages that were sometimes nice, threatening a second time. One of them said that if they did not leave Slovenia by the end of the month, they would be taken to the cross by the border. "

Recall that police Stanka Ommerzu overexposed stunts after they did not stop harassing their intimate friends. She sent her SMS messages, sometimes also menacing, constantly calling on the phone and leaving her flowers on the door. When the criminals visited him, the phone calls had to stop, but the accused was threatened. The last example of threats was a court epilogue a few days ago, but a judge who chaired the Maribor Labor Court for a thirty-year trial was sentenced to a two-month sentence with a probationary period of one year. Of course, the judgment is not yet final, as the defendant has been convicted against a punitive order.
The trial of the sting will continue at the end of August. However, a judge who has many health problems, the pause in the trial due to a court vacation comes true as he and his lawyer try to postpone the issue as much as possible throughout the procedure. lawyer Velimir Kugmas the judge has already sentenced him to two thousand fine.

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