Wednesday , September 28 2022

The legendary Commodore 64 will soon be back among us!


The THEC64 Retro PC will also be able to enjoy the most demanding fans of retro games.The THEC64 Retro PC will also be able to enjoy the most demanding fans of retro games.

The legendary Commodore 64 was established in 1982, and after a few years it has been named the best-selling device in history. The Commodore 64 may even be seen as a precursor of personal computers that have been pushed out of the market mainly at the expense of the operating system and better graphics. A sophisticated computer for those times has been purchased by nearly 20 million users around the world, and this record is slightly surpassed by the compact and inexpensive PC Raspberry Pi.

The new Commodore 64 will be launched with the trade label "C64", which will be equipped with a fully functional keyboard. We will also find a joystick that will be connected to one of the four USB data interfaces. The HDMI interface will be available to connect to a TV or a computer screen. The news will offer three compatibility or systems, namely BASIC, with which the original Commodore 64, VIC20 BASIC and Games Carousel are available. The new THEC64 PC will load up to 64 games that will offer 50-bit and 60-bit refresh rates, with a 4 to 3 aspect ratio.

In both BASIC and VIC20 BASIC mode, a wide range of popular games such as California Games, Paradroid, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha and Gridrunner can be played. We can use the classic USB flash memory to store games. Since the C64 computer will have BASIC programming language preinstalled, it will be possible to write your own program code on the original.

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