Monday , January 18 2021

The minister envisages changes in the school system

Minister Yernei Picalo predicts that the first changes in the school system will be presented soon.

Minister of Education, Science and Sport

Jernej Pikalo,

who will lead this department, will announce the changes until the appointment of the new Minister of Culture. He told Pop TV that they would announce in two to three weeks what changes could be expected in the Slovenian school system. In his view, this would be a "bigger forecast".

On the ministry's website, they write that amendments to the Kindergarten Act are already in the process of preparation, which will prohibit all individuals and legal entities from caring for children and pre-school education without registering in the contractors' register or register ombudsmen.

Jernej Pikalo | Author: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

There were many problems in primary schools.

"There is a tough and comprehensive debate about whether the curriculum is too demanding or it would not be possible to change the way things like sports, music, fine arts, technology and technology have to change. , how to change thinking, that evaluations are more important than knowledge, the existing textbook policy is not well thought out, school bags are too heavy, but also the importance and appreciation of the teaching profession, and so on. "

they highlight the key issues in the ministry.

In addition to drawing up a new strategy paper on education, the renewal of the education system, the system of talented and civic education, they also announced a complete upgrade of digitization in schools and the renewal of the career development of education staff. They want to achieve a broad public consensus.

Changes in maturity?

In the area of ​​secondary education, they point to warnings to reduce the number of graduates and increase the number of graduates. In addition to the question of the renovation of the high school, the question of the division between general and professional maths will be discussed at the table or during their assessment, from the point of view of further training, is much more clearly outlined.

A new action plan for the strategy for the internationalization of higher education and the proposal for a Higher Education Act is being prepared, and in the field of science, before the beginning of the interdepartmental coordination on the proposal of the R & D Act. The ministry is also preparing a new national strategy for adult education.

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