Thursday , September 23 2021

The Ninth National Conference on Diabetes Management already exists in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, November 8 – The central theme of the National Conference on Diabetes Management, which will be held today in Ljubljana, is to look at this chronic disease in terms of data, trends and differences between regions in the country. The National Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health have been organizing this year's conference, which has been the ninth in a row.

The conference participants will discuss the state of diabetes in Slovenia and present where we are compared to other countries and what the state is in terms of prevention and care of people with diabetes.

The number of diabetes patients continues to increase. In 2008, in 2008, around 84,000 people received blood glucose-lowering drugs, and in 2017 around 111,400 people, more than a third.

According to professional estimates, diabetes is only recognized in half of people with this disease.

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