Sunday , June 20 2021

The Piran Mayor would have cut off his head for the clerks and sealed the anus

PIRAN – Mayor of Piran Đenio Zadković he excited the statement on the Facebook network, including the record that two employees cut their heads. The mayor explained that this is a sarcasm that some critics want to understand in a language they understand that they can not be as radical as some people want. He also warned of daily pressure.

Controversial entries PHOTO: Facebook

Regarding allegations of inadequate communication, the new mayor of Zadar, Zadar, on Saturday POP TV said the statement was completely wrong. He pointed out that some citizens expect him to do so. "I came to the house to do something about them, but not in such a radical way as many of us are doing in this band," Zadkovic told TV.

In a conversation about STA highlighted the difference between the open group on Facebook Portoroz, which he thinks is the forum, and the Piran Municipality Movement, whose initiator is himself and who is an officially registered party.

Happy news for the most radical in the Portoroz Movement group. Today, two of the most corrupt officials in the municipality cut off their heads, two colleagues with the top, one tongue, and one after insisting on the street temporarily getting anus.

According to him, the group in the Facebook network Portoroz Movement is designed to exchange ideas so that people can understand where they are screaming. But, as he says, in the group of people on the first day who want more radical movements. "And as this issue does not calm down, I made a statement that these people would like me, who think they should be given a mayor," he said, adding that he wants to communicate with the statement correctly on the contrary, but that it will not work that way.

Đenio Zadković PHOTO: Boris Shuligoy

As he said, people believe the mayor is a magic wand that will sort everything out. With this statement, which caused a part of the public, he wanted to stop them. He admitted that as a mayor he receives daily massive pressure from citizens but claims to be part of them. But he expects understanding because he is "just a man." He also indicated that he wanted to do something from the commune and that he wanted and should be a mayor of all people, even if he opposed it.

He also said that at the moment the municipality does not plan any changes in the staff that there are no reasons for this, but internal transfers are possible.

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