Wednesday , May 18 2022

The star chose a beauty correction


Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson, star of "50 Shades," was also known for the slight gap between her front teeth. Many have said that this makes her special. But now the fans noticed that there was no distance.

Dakota Johnson before and after dental repair.PHOTOS: Profimedia

actress Dakota Johnsonthat sparked years ago in a long-awaited romantic drama Fifty shades of gray, she was also known for the slight gap between her front teeth. Many people said that her "aesthetic imperfection" was appropriate and that the famous singer shouldSaint Mary, Mother of Jesusor the French legendary actress Bridget Bordeaux use this "mistake" as a trademark.

From the gap between her teeth, the actress also managed to make a joke, because some time ago she made a humorous video showing what she could put in the gap.

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But what does it look like from the latest photos taken on the red carpet as she promotes her new movie Peanut butter juice, the superstar was simply not impressed with her teeth as her known distance was no longer visible in the photo.

Of course, this was quickly noticed by fans who jokingly said goodbye to the social networking site, even announcing a day of mourning: "Let Dakota's distance rest in peace … He will never be forgotten"was one of the comments and there were a lot of angry fans who were in no way excited about it.

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