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The Swedes are optimistic: Maribor is one of the best competitors


Swedish AIK from Solna will be a major obstacle for Slovenian national champions from Maribor to the upcoming qualifying matches for the group stage of the Champions League. The Scandinavians, who after nine years of waiting last year also won the title of the country itself, are convinced they have enough weapons to deal with Styria. That's what we've been talking about with a club fan, Johann Schoenholm.

Followers of the AIK during qualifying qualifications for the Europa League. In the group stage of the race, the Swedes last played in 2012 and then won the last place.PHOTO: AP

Not far from Stockholm in the Serrodolie, the Slovenian footballer Angie Kopritz was also hockey. "Of course, hockey is a great sport in Sweden, and everyone interested in it knows that Anne Coppeur spent many years in Södertälje and his successes in the NHL are probably only accompanied by the Södertälje fans because Sweden had so many excellent players in our league … AIK also has an extraordinary tradition of producing players who then go to NHL, "said Sjöholm, captain of the Los Angeles Kings.

In 1999, AIK played for the first time in the Champions League, and Fiorentino and Arsenal won the historic point in a strong group with Barcelona. Since then, the fans who are considered to be the most loyal in Scandinavia are looking forward to success, and a new leap in the promised land gives them last year's six-country title, which they have been waiting for for nine years in the Solna area in Stockholm.

After a long wait, the footballers, fans and all the Swedish champions were able to celebrate the success: the holiday after the Kalmar victory in November was indescribable, even though it was a club with the best Scandinavian visit to Scandinavia and it was already established. As early as 1891, however, the country's titles and successes in European competitions are generally evolving.

AIK fan support for the last match of the previous championship:

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Painful loss to goalkeeper Torino and raise to a higher level with the sale of Isaac
– A strange feeling that's better than anything else. Several special years have been behind us since AIK was the last champion.told our website about the last address Johan Sjöholmwho, as a fan of the club, also wrote about the biggest Swedish football site,According to her, the club was also marked by the sudden death of a Croatian goalkeeper Ivana Turina in 2013, while AIK will always be too short at the Malmo, Norwich, Elfsborg and Helsingborg championships. It is important for talent to be influenced by events Alexander Isak, which was sold to Borussia Dortmund with more than eight million euros.

"Moving from the Rasund stadium to the Friends Arena was hard for the club and for the fans, and we lost to Torino for one night, almost every season we were second or third, but we did not make the next step as a club until we got out of the youth wing he was sold to Borussia Dortmund and AIK could invest in better players, allowing the club to jump to a new level.This is why the new title was really special.the club entered a group of European competitions,says Sjöholm.

"Historically, AIK is the best visit to Scandinavia, with a live match of about 23,000 fans in the stadium last night, two games sold out (50,000 spectators, AO)." AIK fans will describe them as strong, passionate and demanding. Much more people started to enjoy the club after the 1990s, but virtually no match with less than 10,000 fans, the Swedish Championship is the championship of the fans, and indeed, the cheerleader is much better than football. rivalry.

Burghich goes abroad to New York for the first time in the pride of Stockholm, where he leaves a very good seal.PHOTO: Aljosa Craven

Burghic Damage
Slovenian football in Sweden is mainly relayed thanks to the stars of Attalanta and Atletico Madrid, Josip Ilichand Yana Oluka, but the former striker of Gorizia and Olympia left the AIK fans a great deal Miran Burgich, who recently retired after many injuries. He wore a trick on the AIK between 2006 and 2010, it was his first club abroad where fans still have a good memory.

Contribution of Swedish TV 2006 to Miran Burghic:

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"Of course, I remember Burghic, he's a professional player and a great guy, he started his career with AIK in 2006, but after all he's badly damaged, he has a great nose for the purpose and has some credit for the 2009 title And next week he said goodbye, he took a hat trick at the club's last match, which resin was so hurt because he could do more in his career.according to our Swedish colleague, who is moving from Stockholm to the optimism of his compatriots before the games with Maribor.

Satisfied, because the lot was dedicated to Maribor
"Most people see Maribor equalizing as one of the best potentials that AIK can get in the second round." It is difficult, given that Maribor has already been successful in the Champions League, but not so bad, I think AIK is a little favorite, maybe 60:40? Of course, people know players like (Josip) Ilichic and (Yan) Cloud, but they do not know much except that Maribor has been ranked several times in the Champions League,added Sjöholm.

Defender Daniel Sandgren (ahead) with his teammates is expecting an important match with Maribor.PHOTO: AP

And who are the players to which the coach should be "vicious" Darko Milanic and its customers are especially careful? the attacker Tarika Elyounoussijawe could meet in the last two games of the national team with Norway in the League of Nations and Sjöholm pointed out the excellent defensive organization of the team under the tactics of the 48-year-old resident. Ricardo Norlingand the recognizable faces of the team – the Path Sebastian Larssonis a "veteran" of the English Premier League, a Nigerian striker Chinedu Obasi and Icelandic Colbyn Sighsssonthey also wore noses of great Europeans such as Schalke 04 and Ajax.


The Swedish Championship, which is played entirely from March to November, is in full swing: after 17 AIK matches, two points are lagging behind Malmö, two points and a lesser match than AIK has a big rival Jurgarnen.

"They should be aware of how well a team is AIK"
"First, we need to know how well AIK is a well-organized team," said coach Ricard Norling. "This is a lot of very experienced players to watch." Besides Taric Eliunusi, Henock Goitom, Sebastian Larsson, Chinedu Obasie and Kolbein Sigthorsson should be on the defense, Per Karlsson and Karol Mets are high-level players.recalls Sjöholm.

"Several problems have been caused by our fans over the years, but today everything is quite out of the stadiums quite calmly, with about 500 AIK fans traveling to Slovenia, and just a few more tickets for the visiting sector, which is so shortly an excellent achievement ! "

They want Isaac to become "the next Ibrahimovich"
Speaking of Swedish football, of course, we can not go Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose achievements are also respected in the capital, although Los Angeles Galaxy does not hide that only his "Malmo" is dressed in his heart, who in recent years has repeatedly pushed his life out of Solna's team.

"Of course, Zlatan is Sweden's greatest player of all time and perhaps the most influential man." AIK fans hope that Alexander Isak is the next giant of Swedish football "he finally wished Sjöholm for the rest.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich's unforgettable goal, which Ibrakadab was celebrating before the Swedish squad, is at Arena Arena, where the match between AIK and Maribor will be:

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