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The third half: Slovenes lose Georgia in a nose without a hall


"It is a pity, but if I'm completely honest, I have to admit that I have such a division" after it became clear that Germany, EuroBasket 2021, hosts Georgia, Italy and the Czech Republic while European champions are waiting for qualifications, KZS Chairman Matthew Eravets.

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Doncic and a company without an internal Eurobasket

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Soon after becoming the first European Basketball Federation European division Turga Demirel announced that the future European Championship in Germany (Berlin and Cologne), Italy (Milan), Georgia (Tbilisi) and the Czech Republic (Prague) will be disappointed by the Secretary General of the Basketball Federation in Slovenia Rasso Nesterovic "Every organization adheres to the rules and criteria that it puts in. It seems that this does not apply to Fibo, unfortunately, but indeed." His words were related to Georgia, which was fighting for Eurobasket 2021 without a hall, but it was successful, while Slovenia, along with Hungary and Estonia, was left empty-handed.

"Congratulations, but …"

Even more diplomatically was opened by the president of the CCC Matthew Eryavets, although he also ran into the ghostly hall in Tbilisi. "I congratulate our Georgian friends for the election, and I want them to be a good part of the championship, but the fact that the contract with Fiba says the candidate must have a proper hall." The Georgians, in Munich, traveled with the president of the state "It seems that was enough and the commission has given them the opportunity," said Erzhewiec, who, as a member of the Fiba Europe Committee, also voted in favor of the hosts.

KZS and Ljubljana will not host Eurobags 2021.

KZS and Ljubljana will not host Eurobags 2021.
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Expected disappointment

The color of Erdzewitz's voice does not mean excessive Slovenian compatibility. "I was honestly expecting something like this, at least after I spoke with the other members of the nomination committee, and I knew that Germany was a reliable host, because she was the only one to compete for the last part, and I did not even doubt the Italians and Czechs. fought for the fourth place, although I could not ignore Georgia's good ties with Fiba Europe, "said the first person in the Slovenian basketball federation to receive a second defeat. Dushan SesokTogether with the other former Yugoslav federations, they unsuccessfully applied for the 2010 World Cup. More successful were the Slovenians in the Eurobasket 2013 race, but then as lone candidates.

From Munich empty-handed.

From Munich empty-handed.
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Lethal support for Tomashevich?

Slovenia may have spent the spring in the spring when it backed it Deyan Tomasevic for the president of Fiba Europe, but that is ultimately opposed Turga Demirel had no choice? "Maybe the train really took the final decision, but I believe we would have it and vice versa." We should not forget that Slovenia hosted the championship in 2013, while Georgia and the Czech Republic have long or never before was the host, "Erdzewitz shrugged.

The Spark of Olympic Hope

It is still too early to talk about whether Slovenia can run for Eurobags 2025. "The question is whether I will be in the saddle with my colleagues then," says the KZS president, who now hopes at least on a special invitation to take part in the Olympic Qualification 2020. According to Erdzewitz, Slovenia will receive a "wildcard" if this year's World Cup China Championship will not overturn European superpowers. Previously, Slovenia is expecting a tie from the Eurobasket 2021 qualifying groups. This will be scheduled next Monday.

The hosts of EuroBasket

1. Switzerland 1935
2. Latvia 1937 t
3. Lithuania 1939
4. Switzerland 1946
5. Czechoslovakia 1947
6. Egypt 1949
7. France 1951
8. Soviet Union 1953
9. Hungary 1955
10. Bulgaria 1957
11. Turkey 1959
12. Yugoslavia 1961
13. Poland 1963
14. Soviet Union 1965
15. Finland 1967
16. Italy 1969
17. Germany 1971
18. Spain 1973
19. Yugoslavia 1975
20. Belgium 1977
21. Italy 1979
22. Czechoslovakia 1981
23. France 1983
24. Germany 1985
25. Greece 1987
26. Yugoslavia / Croatia 1989
27. Italy 1991
28. Germany 1993
29. Greece 1995
30. Spain 1997
31. France 1999
32. Turkey 2001
33. Sweden 2003
34. Serbia and Montenegro 2005
35. Spain 2007
36. Poland 2009
37. Lithuania 2011
38. Slovenia 2013
39. France, Croatia, Germany, Latvia 2015
40. Finland, Israel, Romania and Turkey 2017
41. Georgia, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany 2021

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Mirza Begic is moving to Bar

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"The state of Ognen Kuzmich is very serious"

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Obradovic buys: American comes

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