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The wage earner will receive the prize Žurnal24

The prisoner in the Adriatic Slovenica, who is bored with a healthy health insurance, marched from a marc to a close to 31.97 oziroma 31.98 evra. Honey, for the purposes of the report, has made the increase in healthcare costs more costly than in the case of health care payments, additional payments and supplementary programs for closing down waiting times.

Whatever it is, with a splendid side of the story, it is said that the award from the marque of the tribunal decree allowed 31.01 Jews. The award will be awarded to the end of February at the end of February and paid for in the month following the month.

The medal is awarded for a full-time medical attendance at the Relative Session of the Sacrament of 30,12 Jews, with a tribute to 29,22 Jews.

Regarding: You're hurrying over dinner

Rather, the rope has once again been affected by the growth of healthy health benefits. In the first few months of 2018, the death penalty for the postponement of the health insurance was reduced by 5,5 in the corresponding period of the year 2017. The growth rate has risen in the third consecutive year, reflecting the negative effects of the complementary health insurance.

"This year, this year, we will not be able to say anything, because it is expected that the growth of strokes will continue." In the summer of 2019, the sixteenth growth of accusations is expected "

they wrote down.

AC: She has pushed the point that she has naaraščala

A similar award will be made in Adriatic to Slovenian.

"That, for a long time, yes, yes, yes, the healthiest health care providers have pushed to these storitvam višajo,"

they wrote down. The United Kingdom and the Slovak Republic have made a commitment to the health insurance of Slovenia, as a result of the fact that they have suffered from a serious health condition as a result of the fact that, in the summer of 2018,

"after the first two flights, the Prime Minister will have the chance to receive a supplementary health insurance".

Nazadnji pri Adiriatic Slovenici to receive a supplementary health insurance coverage on December 1, 2017 from 29.34 to 30.34 Jews.



Ogromno Slovencev is paying for a double dopolnilno zavarovanje, pa tega niti ne ve ve

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