Monday , June 21 2021

The word "Batflecka": Ben Affleck will no longer be Batman

Ben Affleck, along with Warner, apparently did not break all the ties – he will appear for example in their Torrance drama. Photo: IMDb

Studio Warner announced its next version of the Batman franchise June 25, 2021, The movie will be directed and written from the script Mat Reeves; he took office from Ben Affleck, who had previously planned to direct a Batman movie in his own script.

Now Affleck is from the hero he has portrayed in the movies Zora Pavikta, A number of described and League of the FairFinally, he also plays on the acting side – unofficially because Reeves's film returns to the younger Bruce Wayne.

"Affleck has been intensively involved with Batman's story, but he knew he was not the right person for that version." they wrote in Deadline. This is why the search for a new superhero began.

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Is the door still closed?
The player says he is "very pleased with Batman in the summer of 2021 and the revival of Reeves' vision", but did not confirm or deny its withdrawal from the entire project. Just because of the twilight of this tweed, some have already guessed that Warner's studio is leaving a closed door – they might find a "young" Batman for the new film, and Afleck may return to one of the later effects of whine, annoying, older Bruce Wayne, what was up to date. (On the other hand, the studio just might not want to explicitly admit that because of their bad reaction, they were forced to replace the already outlined strategy and give up the planned films.)

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Can Superman also take a chair?
It was recently unofficially reported that the studio would be replaced Henry Cavill and was looking for the new Superman, but it was in December Jason Momoa during the promotion Aquaman it was not that there was any truth in him. This, on the other hand, does not explain why it was just before that Amy Adams – Lois Lane movie – explained at a round table "It seems to have fallen out of DC space", – I think they're upgrading. I do not know.

Separate movies are important, not a wider picture
Reeves has confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Studio, unlike Marvel, does not systematically attempt to build a common "universe" in which all superhero movies are closely related. "Right now I'm doing Batman, I do not know what title the movie will be." Aquamen is very different from Joker's film, shot by Todd Phillips, which is completely different from the designs of Harley Quinn and Shazam. that they do not need pre-designed schemes and plans for how the stories will interact with each other. First they want to create good movies with the characters they have.

Batman – detective
In his character interpretation, Reeves is particularly interested in Batman's detective skills. "This is going to be a nightmare about Batman," he said, "as if it's all over his shoulders." I hope there will be an exciting but moving story. "Batman will be more like a detective than any other movie in the comic, supposed to be the best detective in the world, but we have never seen it before." I would like to lead the whole process of investigating criminals and solving case, and at the same time the protagonist must have a developmental arc in order to be able to change.

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