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This happens on average 54 times a day


On average, in Slovenia in the year 2018, 54 children were born, 56 people died and 78 were immigrated to the country.

This is the average day in Slovenia last year, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. In addition to 54 births, 56 deaths and 78 immigrants, an average of 37 people emigrated from the country, 20 marriages and six couples were concluded.

Most children are born in the summer, while the number of deaths is highest in the winter. Out of a total of 19,585 in 2018 live births, most of them born in the third quarter, 5275. Out of 20,485 deaths last year, 5748 of them died in the first quarter.

According to statistics, last year for a second consecutive year, more people died than they were born. The negative natural growth is due to the higher mortality rate of humans, especially during the winter months, while the natural growth during the summer months is positive.

Last year more marriages and fewer divorces than a year earlier

Statistics also show that most couples have decided during the spring and summer months. Last year, 7256 marriages were concluded, a 12% more than in 2017. The month with the highest marriages is June when the marriage is concluded by more than 1100 couples. More than 1,000 pairs report in May, August and September.

The divorce is 2347, or 1.7% less than in 2017. Most couples, 631, were split in the fourth quarter, according to the statistics office.

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