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This week in the EHF Cup against Spain – News about Sports and Athletes – This week in the EHF Cup against Spain – Si21

The Velenites will leave for Spain this weekend where they will play the first match of the EHF Cup qualifying third round. On Sunday at 7pm, they will move with Spanish Granollers.

Gorenje handball player Velenje started a European tour against Sweden's Alingsas, and in the 2nd round they were promoted to the last round of EHF Cup qualification by winning the Polish team Gwardie Opole. In the final round of qualifying they will move with Spanish team Fraikin BM Granollers. Last year, the team in the Spanish championship took third place, for handball players from Barcelona and Ademar Leon. The 2018/2019 season is the tenth season in which clubs compete in the EHF Cup. Last year they broke up
The quarter-finals, but in the end they had to recognize the French Saint-Raphael. The previous season, the competition ended with teamwork.

Zoran Jovičić, coach of Gorenje Velenje: "We have a very demanding tour in front of us. This is a good team, physically very strong, and consists of several experienced players, including the Spanish national team. After video analysis, we will try to prepare them as good as possible, but they are definitely favorites. We will play the best and we hope for good results before the match returns at Velenje. "

David Miklavčič, Gorenje Velenje's handball player: "Every hosting is a big challenge for us. The Spanish team is a mixture of young and old, more experienced players. Apart from the home team's favorite role, we leave Spain with a winning mind, but what will bring the game itself will be seen.The way they play can be called classic Spanish, this game can cause us problems, but I think with good preparation and wise and correct games, we can succeed before the game returns in
Very good for making good ones. "

First match, November 18, 19.00 (Granollers, Spain): FRAIKIN BM. GRANOLLERS: GORENJE VELENJE

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Photo: RK Gorenje Velenje

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