Tuesday , August 3 2021

Threat to Mayor Naklega: In front of the cat that was killed and the photo of the kidnapped monkey

He handed the case to the police.

According to a 24-hour report, the mayor of the municipality of Naklo Ant Brand before the family bar waits for a surprise. Unknown perpetrators arrange cats and photos of monkeys kidnapped to the mayor. The ants have told the police about the incident, but it is certain that it is a form of threat.

Cats are drowning in the box they left before a family cafe. A mayor's son found a scary sight, he said 24 hours. "They told me they would drown me like a cat and peel off like a monkey"The Mayor of Naklo said, who said that the cat was not his, and the perpetrators arranged for them where security cameras could not catch him.

Marko Mravlja faced threats with his threat four years ago and reported that 24 hours were suspected of being the same perpetrators. He doesn't want to talk about names for now.

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