Wednesday , September 28 2022

To the south of volunteer firefighters because they will work for free?


RADNON GORNJA – Radgansana's Web site is circulating in the network, which has created a lot of dust, especially among firefighters. On the facebook, the man suggested – instead of the army – to send volunteer firefighters to the southern border, saying they would do so without accusation. His entry was published in the original:

"Are we saying we have a problem with the southern border? If we send an army to the border, it will cost us. Then why not send volunteer firefighters? His boss, Mr. Eugene, said the refugees were afraid of uniforms. The fire teams are somewhere the same as the police. So firefighters will do this for free, little women will tremble, but because they are so desperate for our heroes who want, run and run … in the fire. here. «

"You'll only get water or how?"

According to the announcement there were many comments and the firefighters were particularly upset. In one of the comments, the author contributed a new oil to the fire: »But if now all firefighters, for everything, free, without equipment, without everything, do everything? Well, bring it back. This is good for the state and the citizens."

A record that triggered firefighters. PHOTO: Facebook, screenshot

One commentator reminded Radgansana that firefighters are helping the people affected by the storm just today. "But let everything cross the border and now all our neighbors want to get stuck, but it does not hit us? What would you just pump water or how? The country also has different problems, it should be helped everywhere,"The man is still convinced.

Sharec promised a greater presence of policemen and soldiers at the border

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec On the other hand, he saw the situation at the end of the week and announced that additional soldiers would arrive at the border, which would either buy additional technical equipment, such as border controls and technical barriers where needed. "We are also talking about smuggling companies, in fact organized crime, and we have found that the presence of the police needs to be further strengthened and, of course, some other measures must be implemented. The police will either buy additional technical equipment and panel fences, so border protection is in line with expectations, "Chararet said during the visit.

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