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Toura's tractor is a major third, serious Italian accident

9th Stage, Live:

Goal – the winner in the ninth stage became Daryl Impey (Mitchellon-Scott), which is expected to surpass the target sprint Necktie Benot (Toto-Soudal). Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida) was negotiating for goal as an excellent third.

6 km to the finish – Tiejs Benoot (Lotto-Soudal) and He donated Impei (Mitchellon-Scott) escaped. Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida) lags behind with 18 seconds.

12.7 km to the end – Sunweb, Tess Benno (Lotto-Sudal) and Daril Impe (Michelton-Scott) are at the helm. Jan Trannik behind them is 14 seconds.

13.7 km to the end – Roche and Benno jumped to the last mountain goal, but they did Jan Trannik caught.

25 kilometers to the finish line Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida), along with six carpets, jumped into hunting Lucas Postlberger (Bora-Hansgrohe). The delay was reduced to only 21 seconds.

30 km to the end – Lucas Pöstlberger (Bora-Hansgrohe) is a 43-second advantage. The yellow shirt is left in 13 minutes.

38 km to the end – The last mountain destination (Cote de Saint-Just) is 26 kilometers from the finish line. The length is 3.6 km and the average slope is 7.2. From there there will be another 13 km to the finish line. Lucas Postlberger already 32 seconds.

42 km to the destination – Austrian Lucas Postlberger (Bora-Hansgrohe) jumped and escaped from the fugitives. Now has an advantage of 23 seconds. Among the first followers, too Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida).

52 km to the destination – It is clear that the fugitives will be caught for victory, as the majority lags at 10:45. You can Jan Trannik has become a hero today?

60 km to the end – Jan Tratnik is still in the group of fugitives, who has advantages over the yellow shirt 10:14.

78 km to the destination – cyclists are approaching the penultimate categorized mountain destination (Cote des Guillaumanches). Its length is only 8 km and the average slope is 4.1%.

82 km to the destination – The average speed of the riders is 40.25 km / h. The fugitives still have advantages from 10:30.

100 km to the destination – The refugees have 10 minutes and a half. It is also among them Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida).

124 km to the destination – Fifteen fugitives have 9 minutes and a half before the yellow shirt. There are also fugitives Jan Trannik (Bahrain Merida).

9th stage

Overall, he is the leading Frenchman Julian Alapillipe, which he has before Giuliom Ciccione 23 second advantage.

135 km to the finish line – At the ninth stage, the riders will drive 170.5 km. In front of them there are three mountain targets, of which they are already made with the only first category – Mur d 'Aurec-Sur-Loire.

10 km "Soon after the start of the 9th stage, the Italian fell poorly Alessandro de Marci, which had fled for a long time. The Italians were taken to a hospital where they would see if something was broken. Otherwise she hurt her face. The race was over for him.

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