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Tudi Wiko from novels | Monitor

Objavljeno: 26.2.2019 12:00

WIKI phone makers have overproceded, the MWC sees a lot of new models.

Gre on the View3 Pro in View3, following the View 2 Pro in View 2 models, which have been overlooked before a month. Smoother model For using the Medio processor Helio P60 in 6 GB of memory, the View3 processor has a 3 GB processor Helio P22 ter. With prices below the average price, which is not known here, it is assumed that the prices of the current View2 and View2 Pro prices, which are at least 200, other than the 300th anniversary, are priced. The preference of circulating the new model is the use of a 4,000 mAh battery pack (3,000 mAh battery pre-installed).

Wiko is a sicer francophone company that makes a phone call for another brand, and this year it will be filing it in the ZDA. In Francia, the third city is the market share, with the US operator saying that not only in its sales, but also in the sale of a few splendid markets.

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