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Turin has grandmasters for non-contract players – Novica


Aaron Ramsey is one of many celebrities who move to Juventus without paying compensation. (photo: official site of the club)

Before the start of the new season, Juventus won two top-notch players for free, and the list of players who came to Turin without compensation in the last ten years is really impressive.

Italian giant Juventus carefully and strategically composed his acting team, and the special opportunities of club negotiators point to persuading players who come to Turin without contractsThis was especially obvious this summer when two players were selected for Juventus, which were aimed at almost all European club creams – Valižan Aaron Ramsey and French Adrian RabbitRamsey went to Juventus during the Arsenal season but Adrien Rabbit did not appear on the old lady's radar in the past few weeks when Juventus, with decisive and quick moves, took care of the former Saint Germain member not to sign up for what another club. If Juventus's catch is translated into the language of the football economy – Juventus is free of charge caught a player whose market value (after Transfermarkt – op.a) in total 75 million euros, Ramsey is estimated at 40 million, Works is 35 million.

Ramsey and Rabbit are part of a club policy that works very well for a decade. Last year, Juventus similarly combined the German midfielder Emrea Cana, three years ago by the Brazilian Danny Alves, even before the Germans Heredro himself and so on. Juventus wins battles for players who have as many free players as possible, with considerable support from the economic policy of the club, which has little reservations to give players without contracts a rich prize bonuses for the conclusion of contracts. It has to be unofficial Emre Can Last year, for the signing of the contract, he received EUR 14 million, Adrian Rabbit he would receive about ten million euros, and the rich premium was certainly expected Aaron Ramsey, which will also win £ 400,000 a week in Juventus. Twice more than Arsenal.

Juventus had a lot of success in capturing players without a contract, but most of the cases came out very positively. Paul Poga Juventus became the most expensive player in the history of the club, and Andrea Pirlo, despite the late years, spent one of the best career in Juventus and, according to the winning laureates, he could easily be declared a successful "free agent". Heredro himself and Daniel Alves,

Who are all players who have come to Juventus in the last decade? free of chargehow many were the old ones on arrival in Turin and where they are finally, play before signing with Juventus?

2009: Fabio Cannavara (36 years old, Real Madrid)
2010: Luca Toni (34 years old, Genoa)
2011: Andrea Pirlo (32 years old, Milan)
2012: Paul Pogba (19 years old, Manchester United)
2013: Fernando Llorente (28 years old, Athletic Bilbao)
2014: Kingsley Coman (18 years old, Paris Saint Germain)
2015: Sami Khedira (28 years old, Real Madrid)
2016: Dani Alves (33 years old, Barcelona) t
2018: Emre Can (24 years, Liverpool) t
2019: Aaron Ramsey (28 years, Arsenal)
2019: Adrien Rabiot (24 years old, Paris Saint Germain)

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