Wednesday , August 10 2022

Turning all the twists: The real stopped the transfer of Bale


The announced transfer of Welsh footballer Gareth Bala from Real Madrid to Jiangsu Souing has been canceled, according to information from Spain, the leaders of the Royal Club, who decided to release the 30-year-old without compensation in China, his three-year contract brought him over one million euros a week .

Bale (pictured) laughed at the bench and his teammates painfully lost to rival Atletico.PHOTO: AP

After being a coach of the Real Madrid team, this is a legend Zinedine Zidanepublicly wished to do so Gareth BaleAs soon as he leaves the club, he is most likely due to serious injuries Brand AsensiaJiangsu Suning's transfer fell at the last minute, the British report BBC, Zidane did not put his star player on any of the starting positions at the start of the preparation, including a recent dive in the derby with Atletico Madrid in New Jersey (3: 7) when Bale laughed on the bench and after entering the game, he added another disappointment to dissatisfied fans. "white ballet".


The 30-year-old from Cardiff in Madrid plays since 2013 when he made a record 101 million euros from the London-based Premier League Tottenham. Real, he is bound by a three-year contract, but he did not want to go down to the club until he agreed to Jiangsu without compensation. Bale in the Reales won four Champions League titles, one national and one European Cup, three European Super Cups and three World Championship titles. In a number of final matches in these competitions, he scored key strikes, but due to recurrent trauma problems, he often directed the critics, who were further strengthened with the subsequent fall of Real and the fact that he failed to take on the role of the first violin of the team after last year's reputation. Cristiana Ronalda,

The agent has already announced "bad news"
On the Iberian Peninsula, on the Iberian peninsula, Waliwans' attitude towards the second homeland is still on the table, as he still does not speak fluent Spanish, but rather chooses to play golf as a gathering with his teammates. In the last four seasons he has only begun 79 games in the Spanish Division and in the past season he has played 42 games for Real, whose fans have repeatedly challenged him. When Zidane returned to the bench in March, he was Bale's agent Jonathan Barnetthe publicly said that this was "bad news" for his client, and the Frenchman has not been cooperating since then with Otočane and has been the subject of criticism in the media because of his match.

Last season, which was Real for two coaches, was one of the worst in this millennium, Bale scored a team member who had suffered 12 defeats and only scored 68 points in third place in Primera, where the title again won Barcelona, ​​with 19 points in front of Real. The "White Ballet" also ended quickly with appearances in the Champions League, where he scored a 14th and a fourth consecutive title and Ajax was better than the Madrid at the eighth final.

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