Wednesday , September 28 2022

Unbelievable! Captain REALA, for the epic PORAZ with Athletic, was fine … Yana Cloud and Company!


The whole world talks about the collapse of Madrid Real.

Atletico Jana Cloud defeated Real in the Premier League game in the US with 7: 3 and raised a huge amount of dust. It is true that this is a preparatory game and that this is by no means a realistic announcement of the new season, but Zinedine Zidane was in the fancy of fans before the season. The seven goals scored in the derby are really something you think you should not even allow yourself during the preparation.

After the match, Sergio Ramos found an unusual culprit for this defeat. He pointed at Atletico. "The feeling is not good, but these are preparatory games, just the beginning." We took this game as a friendly one, but they did not, they played as if it were the final, " the reason for the defeat was discovered by Ramos, who, however, did not hide that he was, however, disappointed with all the greenery.

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