Tuesday , June 15 2021

Van Gogh's sunflowers will no longer leave Amsterdam

The photos of the sunflowers, which belong to the most recognizable works of the Dutch artist, arose between 1888 and 1889 when van Gogh lived in Arles south of France. Photo: EPA

Van Gog's sunflowers are destroyed by a hypersensitive yellow pigment

The Amsterdam version of sunflowers has just been restored, but they have found that the image is stable but quite fragile condition, So they decided not to give it up.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, one of the five versions of sunflower artists, seldom gives galleries around the world. Since opening the museum in 1973, he has granted it six times, last year in 2014, he travels to the London National Gallery where he is exposed to his sunflowers.

According to the director, in the last conservation and restoration operation wagon Gog Museum Axel Ruegerja found that ground layers and paint colors are otherwise in a stable condition but extremely sensitive to vibrations and changes in humidity and air temperature. "That's why it is very important to move the image as little as possible and keep it in a stable climate.In order to avoid any risks, we decided in the museum that Sunflowers will no longer travel" they were reported by the museum. It will be included in the permanent collection in February.

Van Gogh Museum Director Axel Rugger presented the findings of experts who claim that the layers of paint are sensitive to vibrations and changes in humidity and air temperature. Photo: EPA

Flowers of gratitude
– As you may know, it belongs to the top Jeannina, rosin Questand my sunflower is in a way,
is Vincent wagon Gog wrote in one of his letters to his brother TheoThis is in this flower wagon Gog found inspiration during his stay in Arles, where in 1888 he painted one bouquet after another to prepare a unique artistic reception for the coming friend Paul Gauguin.

The photo will be repeated in February. Photo: EPA

In fact, he painted the sunflowers before, in 1887 he painted the first series in Paris where he placed large sunflower flowers on the table. The Arles series is different, puts the sunflowers in a vase and imagines the pictures as a decoration of a friend's bedroom. for wagon Goga was of particular importance to sunflowers, as he wrote in a letter to a friend expressing "gratitude" for him.

They are today wagon Gog's sunflowers scattered around the world. In addition to the Amsterdam and London versions, the sunflower canvas is stored in the New Pinocchio in Munich, a canvas is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the fifth is in the museum. Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa in Tokyo. Tokyo Sunshine was shorter time for the most expensive works of art in the world when it was sold to a Japanese company for $ 40 million in 1987. A few months later this recording was broken wagon Gog's Iris.

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