Sunday , July 3 2022

What was happening in Ljubljana in the evening? The sirens crossed


LJUBLJANA – Yesterday's quiet evening in Ljubljana was interrupted by sounds that caused a sense of discomfort in many places. The sirens echoed.

The reader pepper At first he didn't pay much attention to the sound, but when he didn't stop and continue for a few tens of seconds, he thought something serious had happened. "I was just sitting in front of the TV when I started. At first I thought it was some kind of intervention, but when the sound of the siren didn't stop and it was quite intense, I was first afraid that a block or something could burn. I reached over the balcony and looked at what was happening. I saw a convoy of vehicles with flashing blue and red lights, and there was something else between them. I have no idea what that is, ”the reader wrote, suggesting it was a police escort of the delegation or something.

We are already checking out what is happening in Ljubljana on Tuesday around 9pm. As soon as we receive a reply, we will publish it.

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