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When the low-end Huawei P30 smartphone enthusiasts of the architect and great aesthetics!

Gregory Pavlin is an architect by profession, but he also leads professional leadership in his professional life. His eyes adore art, beauty and everything that gives him a glimpse into the history and soul of the place where he is. It is clear that what breathes his breath also captures the lens of the camera he has at hand. This time the inspiring moments risked with the pocket of the most affluent Huawei P30 phone – the sophisticated model.

A very risky decision for someone who criticizes "publishing" on his Instagram: "As I decided to join Instagram's social network, I opened up a new world that is pretty much related to my character of work. it soon became my hobby, the result of which was that I became much more critical of my work, because when you know that with a publication you can influence the mood and good vibes of the crowd, this invisible energy keeps you more difficult.

We are sure that when you read his review of the P30 lite, you will immediately want to test the device, which, with its distinctive colors, boasts that its main camera without studio equipment with 48 MP resolution produces studio professional photos. Then there is a super-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel sensor, making the Huawei P30 one of the first smartphones with a 120-degree field of view – twice as big as the cameras on most phones. After two decades of designing and designing space, Gregory Pavlin realizes that the beauty of art, especially architecture, should not be an end in itself, but should be presented to a wider audience. "As a visual creator I know that the image with its meaning is the same in all parts of the world, so the word" is most understandable in all languages, "says and shares your photographic experience with the Huawei P30 lite. refuse to take a photo with a camera? Let's be amazed …

Huawei phones can do wonders

The decision to share good photos fell when I got the first smartphone in my hands. What is most emphasized today and used in smartphones is photography. Telephony is the main feature, but smart phones have many technical and software add-ons in which smartphones differ, but most of these accessories are irrelevant.

Whoever is critical chooses the best that is currently on the market, and my decision was very simple. Huawei mobile phones can do wonders with photography, which is especially true for P30-based smartphones. The first time I asked myself, would I really stop shooting the camera?

Enjoy the first touch

The Huawei P30 lite is a mobile phone that impresses with its first touch. The phone design is impressive. Photography with this camera is easy and, most importantly, never disappoints with photos. P30 lite has many capabilities to provide photographic quality, which also has other P30 brothers, which means it meets the high requirements of Huawei phones. It seems that the P30 lite has become a true member of the P30 family.

In the price range P30, dual camera and large screen are a necessity, but the P30 lite is equipped with three cameras on the back and a large 6.15-inch 19.25: 9 (2312 x 1080) LCD. pixels) in Full HD. Automatic display illumination is accurate and very convenient for the user. Thanks to the high resolution, the screen is sharp and more than enjoyable for viewing pictures, it gives a different dimension. The brightness, sharpness and color accuracy of the screen are surprisingly high, and the front camera at the top of the screen is almost overwhelming.

There is no phone for this money that can shoot better at night

Through the photo we can present our look, the moment, the desire, which is why I was most interested in the photographic capabilities of P30 lite. Every time a new smartphone is introduced, it is always the most important feature of the camera for taking pictures. Huawei's newest representative combines an exceptional and appealing design with technological innovation, such as wide-angle and artificially-aided photography.

The quality of P30 lite images is great and they are sure to bring satisfaction, so they are what consumers expect. The images are clear, the color saturation is perfect, the light and the contrast are at a high level and under relatively good lighting conditions no noise can be detected in all possible shooting settings. When the daylight starts, it is easy to activate the night mode, which is of the P30 lite quality. At this price class I am convinced that there is no phone that is so well shot in the dark. Nighttime photography is a taboo theme for most smartphones. The P30 lite is a rare exception, as it always succeeds in a perfect night vision that does not require a long-lasting stand, but with perfectly stabilizing photography and excellent night-time, the photographer leaves his mouth open.

Images in nature are more realistic than reality

Although there are only three cameras behind them, only two are in reality. The main camera is a wide-angle, ultra-wide camera. The third one is designed to measure the depth so the pictures have a blurry background. This creates an interesting DSLR photographic effect that is even used with macros at all. By placing the photos with the help of an excellent AI, which naturally makes the P30, the pictures taken very close to the realistic view of nature, I can say that they cover all the laws of physics and optics so that photography with such a phone is so subtle that it becomes more realistic than reality.

With the easy-to-use shooting mode and the quality offered by the P30 lite, I was a step closer to professional photographers like an amateur photographer. I can say that the phone with this capability increases or increases the photo product, but in some cases it almost completely replaces DSLR, which a few years ago seemed impossible to me. The main camera has an extremely high resolution of 48 megapixels, making it possible to produce studio photos without the use of studio equipment. Thanks to its high-quality ultra-wide angle lens and the 8-megapixel sensor with a 120-degree field of view, it is very useful for the user to capture more, especially when shooting indoors, panoramas, streets, … The wide-angle lens of the P30 lite lens is a very useful novelty for copiers.

Professional photography for self portrait

The high-performance, 24-megapixel auto-portrait front camera is the next quality the phone has. The camera is discreetly hidden in the middle and does not disturb the screen view. As with the main camera, it is also possible to create artificial intelligence in this way, so it can help a less experienced user to make a more expressive and attractive photograph of the Elf.

The camera also turns out to be perfect in darker hulls where it does not bother with fine detail on the face. With the options for different lighting settings and beauty modes, portrait photography becomes professional.

Very important features of the P30 Lite are a 4GB RAM processor for working with various applications quickly and easily, and 128GB of built-in memory for storing photos in large quantities, organizing and instantly displaying a large screen on the device itself.

The phone you are proud of

When I was offered Huawei P30 lite on my test, I was on my way to a family vacation on the island of Vis. I immediately realized that in the light of the photos offered by Ljubljana this would be a real attempt to test the photographic capabilities of the phone. It turned out that the photos convinced me, of course, about myself, in order to report, photograph my family and quickly add photos to the Instagram social networking site. Photos taken with the P30 lite do not require additional processing to look first-class. There is no doubt that the P30 lite is a great image capture device. Most importantly, it is always at hand. With its properties and abilities the owner does not disappoint at any moment, even with the appearance, you are rightly proud of him!

Ultimately, whether smartphones will replace DSLR cameras or even need them at all, they are not interchangeable, but the P30 series Huawei phones, including the P30, are not far from the truth.

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