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Why did Sharon Stone compare to Princess Diana?


61-year-old Sharon Stone was once considered one of the most wanted actresses, and then suddenly, as they say, drowned in oblivion. As she was confronted with bleeding in the brain, she was convinced that her life path was somehow similar to the way Princess Diana died.

Sharon Stone drowned in oblivion after a serious illnessPHOTO: Profimedia

Today, the 61-year-old actress Sharon Stone, who for some time considered one of the most recognizable and desirable actresses in Hollywood, did not appear in a big film role. In the world of the film, her name, as she had previously said, drowned in oblivion.

It was 2001 when Sharon struck the blow, then her career crashed quickly. She has achieved breakthrough and recognition with a role in the detective drama The initial instinct (1992) when she starred in the hot scenes along with her 74-year-old Michael Douglas, The reputation of one of the biggest sex symbols, femininity and death quickly became a fateful, dangerous and controversial seduction. It also appears in movies Hot days, casino, The Devil, Muza and many others. About the role in the movie casino she received a golden globe. After his nine-day brain haemorrhage ended in a hospital and continued a seven-year recovery, she realized the Hollywood world was so condescending and kind. "On my own skin I experienced the disagreement and the shame of my colleagues from the actors, and at the same time I was a judicial fight for custody of children,"said Sharon, who also struggled to part with her husband in her worst life Phila Bronstein,

She compared her life to the princess's fate Diane, which she believes was quickly forgotten after a tragic death in the royal ranks. "At that time I was considered the most wanted actress, I was a" hot slave ". After the disease I fought for custody of children, tried to work and live again, so I was forced to hire a mortgage. I lost everything I had, and the status I have been following in Hollywood for years. They forgot me.

Sharon compares her life to the fate of Princess DianaPHOTO: Profimedia

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