Monday , September 26 2022

Why pay for a service we did not order at all?


Members of the Infrastructure Committee backed Lewica's proposal for changes to the real estate brokerage law. The changes, which are also provided for in the co-operation agreement, limit the costs of real estate brokerage and any additional costs that real estate agencies can charge to their clients.

Today, the Committee on Infrastructure, with 12 votes in favor and 3 deputies, supported the amendments to the law on real estate brokerage. Moon MoonLewice's co-ordinator pointed out that high rents and house prices and their shortages are a problem across Slovenia. "Real estate agencies also contribute to high prices. "he added.

In Levitica, the change in housing policy is seen as a priority project.PHOTO: Bobo

Changes in the law made in the Left limit the cost of real estate brokerage and any additional costs that real estate agencies can charge to their clients. In practice this means to prevent the possibility of sharing a mediation payment between the mediator and the buyer or lessee, and the amount of additional costs that can be charged by real estate agents is limited to 150 euros. The proposed amendment specifies a limitation of lease leases of up to four percent of the value of the contract or no more than one monthly rent.

In Leva, they emphasize that in order to solve the housing problem, it is also necessary to provide free transfer of apartments and land suitable for the construction of apartments from a bad bank (DSBT) to the Housing Estate of the Republic of Slovenia, and to take measures to regulate housing market.

In practice, the owner of the apartment who wants to rent the apartment now hires the agency, and the agency charges the commissions to both the apartment owner and the tenant, even though he has not ordered these services at all.

The changes imposed by the changes in the law are determined by an agreement between the coalition and the Left and they are fully coordinated with the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Design. At the latter's suggestion, articles on the harmonization of the law with European directives were included in the law. State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Ales Prison said that the changes are in line with the objectives of housing policy. In this light, he explicitly mentions the protection of tenants.

GZS: Cutting prices for services on the market is unthinkable

If Lewica has succeeded in persuading the Union of Consumers of Slovenia (PSU), which is its representative Jana Turk, considers that the proposal for novelty means improving consumer protection in this area, but this can not be said for the Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (GZS).

Director of the Chamber Boshtyan Udovic stressed that it was unthinkable for them "that everyone can imagine that a freely available market is pricingAccording to him, there is no argument, as competition is sufficient, the service is not mandatory for the citizens, and less than 50% of the turnover of the intermediaries, which means that the lessee is not obliged to bear the costs of mediation, he added. the adoption of novelty has led to more broadcasting of real estate in black, less taxes on rents and less VAT collected, so if the amendment is adopted, the House will file a complaint with the European Commission and it is likely that it will also begin constitutional control .

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