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Will the vignette in this section be canceled?


The Ministry of Infrastructure reiterated its call for insufficient categorization of the road.

By constructing a parallel motorway, Maribor's eastern detour has undoubtedly lost its function to absorb long-distance traffic and preserve only the local traffic of the city and its inner region, so that categorization is insufficient, following repeated calls from Maribor to remove the vignette regime.

Calls for the removal of vignettes on the section of said motorway leading from the city to the poet's ramp and joining the highway cross there have been received for many years, but the initiators have not yet received the correct answer. A recent inquiry into why the categorization of the road is not in line with the rules sent to the competent ministry with the support of the Municipality of Maribor by the Youth Party – Greens from Europe.

The Ministry also nodded

Unlike previous petitioners who only suggested removing the vignettes, this time the facts of the government decree on the criteria for categorizing public roads, state roads and tolls law that this time does not qualify at all. highway or taxi road

This is now being confirmed by the ministry, especially in light of the re-categorization of the Tržaška Road in 2017 into a national road, which has significantly reduced the interconnecting function of the express road and will completely lose it by constructing the planned western detour of Maribor with which they intend to connect. the highway, not the said freeway.

As indicated in the petitioners' response to the Ministry of Infrastructure, in accordance with the Regulation on the criteria for categorization of public roads, express roads must be connected to motorways or road systems of neighboring countries and to connect centers of regional importance. Similarly, when constructing a highway, an existing state road that runs in parallel must be re-categorized into a regional road so as to provide a parallel connection.

In view of these rules, according to their findings, this categorization does not meet these criteria, thus rejecting the current objections of the Transmission Infrastructure Directorate, which Dars repeatedly offers. The latter referred to the Spatial Development Strategy, according to which national centers of international importance, including Maribor, are linked to the motorway by motorway.

DARS Highway Line By: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

Will it complicate the money?

Despite this view, which has also clearly convinced the Infrastructure Directorate, it can be complicated by the financial side. Dars, which has already offered a transfer, can only do so for a fee, and according to estimates for 2016, it would cost more than € 64 million. Although they no longer oppose taking over the path from the Directorate, they claim that they cannot pay it as it would lead to uneconomic behavior and risk of unjustified use of budget money.

In response, the Ministry of Infrastructure added that the decision to change the categorization was therefore considered and an alternative was to re-categorize the road into a regional road and designate it as an optional toll road in accordance with the Fee Act.

The Maribor initiators responded positively today, as they were pleased with the responsiveness and clear answer, which in their opinion undoubtedly confirms their claims about the inadequacy of the categorization.

Awaiting further steps

"Adequate categorization of the said road will undoubtedly mean the end of the charge as the road certainly does not even qualify for an optional toll road," said a message from the Youth Party – Greens of Europe, where they, together with the Maribor municipality, will consider next steps in the coming days and inform the public next week.

Kalah: It's been a long time

It is now January meeting with the Mayor to cancel the vignettes in this section Sasha Arsenovich summoned by seven Maribor MPs. Opposition MP SDS Dejan Kalah told the DPA today that things have been dragging on for too long and probably will happen after the ministry replies this time.

"Our region is no longer privileged. During the restoration of the road, the people of Ljubljana have been using the express road for half a year to close one of the main thoroughfares in the city center and have to pay a vignette for what is just unfair to people to Maribor, "he said. about me Callah.

As bureaucratic procedures between the ministry, Dars and the Infrastructure Directorate can still be dragged on for a long time, it would still be fair to shorten the procedures and remove the easy route from the vignette.

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