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With the participation of the Games on the thrones he awoke at the meeting


In the last Comic Con team of the favorite series of The Throne Game, the fans decided to express their opinion very clearly and strongly. It is known that by the end of the saga they were not all enthusiastic. They were not particularly impressed by the fate of the popular heroes.

Nicolay's play did not move too much, claiming that Jamie Lennister's fate seemed appropriate.PHOTO: AP

In San Diego, the legendary comic book is held, the congress center of brewers, such as Comic Conu, is said by many, by the team of the series Playing thronesAt the press conference they sat down at the table Macy Williams, which played Ario Starr, Nikolay Koster-Waldauthat he played Jamie Lannister,Isaac Hempstead, who was Bran Stark,John Bradley or Samuel Tarley, Jacob Anderson or Gray Worm, Liam Cunningham or in Davos Conlet Hill, which is executed by Varys. They also sent for a cup of coffee that fans watched in one of last season's episodes. Many still agree that such mistakes, according to the production budget, should not be provided.

The players in the series were toasted with cups of coffee similar to those that emerged after the incident in the series.PHOTO: AP

Fans and visitors at the press conference were not happy with some answers. Nikolay Kosstzha-Valdawa, who played Jamie Lannister for seven seasons, even awakened Comic Zone visitors when he defended his character's story. He died in the embrace of Cersei, his twins and lovers. "Jamie's death was very logical to me. Everything was meaningful and his end was perfect. "Nikolay said, adding that the last scene with Cersei (represented by Lena Headey) looked perfect.

The rest of the team defended Nikolay while Hill (Varis in the series) made a controversy with the words: "When it's over, it's clear that it will upset you because it's over." – he said, adding, "If you do not like the end, if you like the end, it's great, but you do not need people to complain about it."

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