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Did you capture a special moment and want to check what professional photographers think about it? The Huawei Infocus Contest, which will take place in the CEE countries and the Nordic countries in six categories, five shots, Shakespeare, Faces, Hoyle, Life !, Storyboard, a step further, and a Life category video is now a great opportunity to check your photographic skills and show your talents to the world. Before you create a belief in your head that it is intended only for true photographers
Know that thanks to advanced intelligent telephony, high quality photos are no longer the privilege of professional photographers with highly specialized photographic techniques. Photography is much more flexible and one can become a photographer at any given time thanks to a smartphone. Through photocopies and his highly sophisticated photos of Instagram, the famous fashion photographer, Tibor Golb, who spent a walk in the center of Ljubljana with Huawei
The P30 Pro has created a series of beautiful pictures and through them revealed some truly photogenic places of our capital.

The Dragon Bridge
The bridge, designed by architect Yuri Zaninovic, is considered one of the most beautiful examples of separatist bridges architecture in the world, and as a protected technical monument, Ljubljana's tourist attraction. Not surprisingly, the fashion and stylish photographer, Tibor Golb, also likes to use as the backdrop for photographing the most beautiful photos of Instagram with his Huawei P30 Pro smartphone.

Three Bridges
The three-bridge complex in Ljubljana, which crosses Ljubljana at a key point of the city along the river below the castle, can be a center for locals, leading them to work and day-to-day work, and for tourists and photographers is definitely an attraction worthy of posing with "impossible" – Milky Bubbles.

Robb's Fountain
The most famous Ljubljana fountain of three landscape rivers with white marble sculptures is the work of Francesca Robbe. Thanks to the expensive material and the long-lasting production process, it almost goes bankrupt, and modern photographers with this work take pictures of a million dollars in the background. To shoot him in all his grace, Tibor Golob prefers to shoot in the "Wide-angle" mode.

Bridge of butcher
The bridge linking the Ljubljana Market to Petkovshchov can be called a bridge of lovers. Unlocked locks with falling in love with fallen couples are really beautiful sceneries for creating beautiful shots, also because they announce that Ljubljana is in tune with other European cities that also hold such bridges. The inspiration for them was the book of romance that I want to be Federica Mochi. The key of the protagonist with their names sticks to the third street
a lamp on the Roman Bridge Ponte Milio, kisses and throws the key to the Tibero River.

Would you like to try it out and think that with the Huawei you will be able to compete with the pictures of Tibor? We invite you to really test your skills and take part in the Huawei InFocus Award 2019, where your photo product can be appreciated.

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