Monday , July 26 2021

Within two years a doctor issued 200 fake recipes

At a press conference, Marine criminals presented the findings of the investigation, which took place in several places in recent days. As it is said, an unnamed medical specialist has issued 200 fake recipes for two years, most of which are painkillers and tranquilizers. He was assisted by a person who took drugs at pharmacies.

Criminal prosecutors also said six searches were carried out last Friday, both in living quarters and in private cars. We report that, according to unofficial information, the police are investigating a nurse working at the UKC Maribor, but today does not want to confirm the criminals. As they said, they are medical officers, but they did not disclose their data protection data.

On Friday, they also detained two suspects against whom the pre-trial proceedings are taking place. Detention was removed by the two detained after the reasons were over. The pre-litigation procedure is run by the Maribor District Prosecutor's Office. A suspicion of a crime of fraud is currently being investigated and sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

Staff forged two recipes for two years.PHOTO: iStock

Pharmacy doctors, based on fake prescriptions, say about 600 drugs. Most often they were painkillers and insomnia medications, usually bought by drug addicts on the illegal market. Pharmacies report irregularities, so they inform the employer of the worker. Damage is estimated at between 3000 and 5000 euros.

Criminals suspect that women and men have resold and committed even more crimes. Where the drugs go, they still do not know because the investigation is still under way. These drugs are highly sought after, whereas the resale of one tablet per tablet costs between 10 and 50 euros.

Local portal maribor24.siThat is right on Friday reported that he was among the detained nurse from UKC Maribor, who is expected to prescribe certain medications on behalf of doctors for a long time. That this happens, they have long suspected at the Maribor Clinic Center, so they also turned to the police.

Head of the UKC Maribor Public Relations Center Janez Lencl told STA on Friday that he had no information about conducting home searches. Today, they announced that at 2:45 pm In Maribor UKC dr. Roman Koshir, the head of the Emergency Response Center made a statement to the media.

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