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Without them, it would be Luka Dončić

Luc Dockic's success has been thwarted by the hard work of basketball players who have changed the perception of European basketball and have placed deep-rooted stereotypes on their heads.

Slovenian miracle boy

is the latest proof that European basketball stars in quality are not lagging behind their US counterparts, which has also been reflected in recent years in the growing number of international NBA players.

Much of the credit for the trend we have witnessed over the last two decades is the basketball giants like them

Dirk Nowitzki,

Pau Gasol


Tony Parker,

which eliminated the inferiority complex of European players and thus contributed to the globalization of the North American League where, unlike the 1980s and 1990s, players from all over the world were shining.

This season is the fifth season in which more than 100 international players play in the NBA. Currently there are 108 foreigners from 42 countries, each of the 30 teams having at least one foreigner. In the first place with seven foreigners, the team of Dallas Mavericks, whose member is also the best Slovenian basketball player at the moment. Utah Jazz and LA Clippers have six after six, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76 and San Antonio Spurs.

Among the 108 NBA aliens, most Canadians (11) follow the Australians (9), the French (9), the Spaniards (7), the Germans (6) and the Croatians (5), the Serbs (5) and the Turks (5). Slovenia has two representatives –

Luko Donchic


Gorana Dragitsa.

"It is easier for Europeans today for two reasons: the first is that they are much more respected." "If I compare the years 2002 and 2018, the situation is quite different to playing in the NBA, there was a big difference in that time, European players were simply and exclusively European.

Botsyan Nachbar

The effect of Nowicki and Gasol

It was written in 2001 when Atlanta Hawks chose the third as a third

Paua Gasola

and then accidentally left it to Memphis Grizzlies. Following this year's series, critics pointed to the parallel between Gasol and Doncic, who was also elected by Atlanta, but replaced it with

Traea Younga.

The Spaniard was the first European basketball player in history to be among the top five players on the set. His "predecessor"

Nowitzki's race

In 1998, the team chose Milwaukee Bucks for ninth.

"It was something outrageous and a big surprise that an international player was chosen so early"

said Gasol, who was in the NBA for the 19th season.

"Slowly, this trend has increased, as with the Americans, some have gone better and some are worse." Many foreigners have become very good players and even superstars. "

19-year-old Dončić, who has become one of the most important stories of this season, is approaching the status of the superstar.

"I knew he would succeed." The team left Luke's reins, but they did not pay attention to his age, but just recognized his talent.

"said Gasol.

Today, the NBA has a record number of Europeans (65), while in the 1980s they have rarely had the chance to prove the puddle. Although few exceptions, such as Nigerian Hakeem Olajuwon and German Detlef Schrempf, were playing a basketball college in the United States.

Dončić is not only the best novice in the league, but also one of the world's best basketball players, who is particularly distinguished in crucial moments of the match. Currently, he is the ninth most effective basketball player (72 points) in tie-ups and thirds the percentage of goals scored (52%).

In the last game in Minnesota, he scored three goals in the last minute and a half, which has not been successful since 1999.

"There is a rare opportunity to solve games with bold goals, not many players have this in their DNA, especially at the age of 19 and in the first season,

– says Gasol.

Manu Ginibble Tim Duncan Tony Parker Author: EPA


Coach Charlotte Hornets and former assistant coach in San Antonio

James Borrego

he compares Dončić with another international celebrity.

"He trusts like Manu Ginoguli. He is annoyed by this and is a high IQ, and he believes he is one of the best, if not the best player on the floor, several players have this ability, Manu was very similar and he entered the league as a real professional ,

– he said.

"It is good to see that more and more teams are hoping to be European players. Basketball players such as Janice Aeneckunmpo, Nikola Yokic, Luka Donchic, Boyan Bogdanovic and other similar talents play very high level and fearless. prove that they are not worse. For this reason, I am happy and proud,

Gasol is over.

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