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Zidane would sell Navas and free his son

Real Madrid looks forward to the repair. After returning to the galactic bench, Zinedine Zidane said clearly and loudly. At the exit door there are galaxies of golden generation galaxies that win three times in the Champions League title, among others, near the departure of Gareth Bale and Keelor ​​Navas.

Luka Zidane was the worst-ranked player in Real Madrid during the match against Ueska.PHOTO: AP

Yes time Gareth Ball in Madrid is approaching its end, no secret. Valiant from time to time shone in full light, but on the other hand, he was just a few pale shades of "Tottenham"versions. The 29-year-old girl for possible suicides is certainly no longer as attractive as a few years ago, but Realuzanj can still make huge compensation. So no wonder why you want to sell it to Santiago Bernabeu.

This is quite different Keelor ​​Navas, After returning to the legendary Zizou, Kostarican again became the first goalkeeper, but so Zinedine Zidane now I wanted to sell. What is the reason? According to various European media, the French strategist, with the sale of the 32-year-old, wanted to free his son Luko Zidana, which will become a T-gatekeeperhibautom Courtoisom,

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Luka Zidane already had the opportunity to join the first team of Real Madrid this year. He defends the charge against Liège against Ueska. He received two hits and was impressed by his performance. At that time his highly reputable father was criticized for the alleged nepotism that he categorically denied to the 1998 world champion. "Everyone who knows me knows Luc is here for his merits," Zidane was determined at the time.

Currently, the third goalkeeper of the Madrid giant is a Ukrainian Andrew Lunin, who is expected to announce to Real that he will play as a lone player for at least another season. In this he defends the Spanish legend Leganes, where he has so far collected six appearances. If the reports are correct, Zidane is ready to give up two goalkeepers and probably his son Luca, who will probably be able to prove more opportunities next season. The 21-year-old could do it without the help of his father.


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