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A memory word for Sören Sörensen – Sydsvenskan

The author and translator, Sören Sörensen, lives in Vedbaek, north of Copenhagen, died at 81. He leaves behind his wife and children.

Over the years, as a Danish-Swedish author, Sören Sörensen, author and translator, has been a driving force in society. Already in the temporary board of the company set up at a meeting at the Wega restaurant in Malmö in early September 1995, Sören joined and came in 2002 to succeed me as chairman.

The fact that after four years he chose to resign as chairman, he did not mean so much because his commitment to the Danish-Swedish society and his desire to contribute to society contributed to his widespread and widespread knowledge. It was unrivaled propaganda, and an estuary was also appreciated, always ready to be created when needed. You can always count on Sören.

The author and cultural journalist Hans Jane once wrote that "the average Swedish ignorance of everything related to Denmark and Danish culture is a genius," but added that he was not much better placed with the average Danish knowledge of Swedish culture.

Sören's knowledge exceeds the average Swedish and Middle Danish, as well as the Danish and Swedish culture, of course, Scandinavian culture. What he did not know, for example, Bellman, Rouenberg, or J. P. Jacobsen probably did not deserve to know.

When society began working on the first Danish-Swedish author Anthology Two pages of the same sound, it was natural that Sören was included in the publication for this and that he was also charged with writing the closing essence of Swedish books and Danish readers with which he succeeded.

Thus began and will continue, the contributions will follow the contributions and in that stream have been several times Sällskapet as recipients. Soren seemed almost unbearable in his work and creative spirit.

Now he's gone, but the Danish-Swedish Society wants to remind Soren with great gratitude, and that's not without Matti's words after the death of Scale Perses in Ronja Rövardotter by Astrid Lindgren, which can fit ours now:

Thank you, dear Sören, for all your commendable efforts and your friendship!

Ben Lilleenberg

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