Tuesday , August 3 2021

A strong increase in Global Gaming revenue, higher operating profit

Operating profit has been unloaded SEK 60.3 million, an increase of 43% at the end of the year. Operational cash flow amounted to 59.8 million Swedish kronor of 60.8 million Swedish kronor.

Ninja Casino's dominant product revenue grew by 11% (NFC) compared with the second quarter of the year, and deposits increased 9% over the same period.

The contribution of Ninja Casino In the second quarter 91% of the group's revenues were.

Mobile use of Ninja Casino has always been high and continues to be. Mobile games grew to 75% in the third quarter, according to the report.

"As we are growing slightly in the strongest time in the industry, we are growing a little bit more marketable, I am convinced that the fourth quarter will be another quarter of the growth of Ninja Casino," executive director Joachim Möller wrote in the report.

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