Wednesday , January 27 2021

Ailton Almeida returns to Örgryte in superett

Ailton Almeida achieved great success in the Öis from 2004 to 2006.

At 63 allsvenskan matches he made 26 goals, and in 2005 became third in shooting allsvenskan.

Öis sold it to Copenhagen in 2006 for over 30 million – the biggest amount the old big club received for a player.

Trained to continue

Öis was his first club outside of Brazil, and then his career moved to Cyprus, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and finally the United Arab Emirates.

When he appeared in Öisgården at the end of last season, he was uncontracted, but had to think a little about continuing a new offer.

But there was nothing and when Ailton Almeida was in Öisgården even this year, the fans started hoping for a comeback for the shooting.

A week ago, the club announced that it would "train with her for an indefinite period" from then on.

She speaks perfectly Swedish

And a few days ago, Heis confirmed that there are talks about possible gambling in this year's superego.

When the club announced on Monday that it would be live at 21:00 with great news, many people immediately concluded that Ailton Almeida would be presented.

And when the broadcast began, only the brass was standing on the podium and left to be interviewed. He answered questions and told us about the future in perfect Swedish.

"It's nice to be here. Since I've been here, I said I want to go back and play someday. And when I'm here, I remember the old time, he says in Oi's broadcast on Facebook and Instagram.

"That meant a lot to me"

He answered the question why he had decided.

– Especially for my sake. After playing here, I became a true Öisare. I've been watching the club all the time and I got greetings from here. To me that meant a lot. I learned a lot during my career. I hope to do a hard job and do my best to help the team and do as many goals as possible, "he says.

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