Thursday , July 29 2021

Alice Stanley reveals Bianca Ingrosso's full text: "Fix your k * k"

Then it became clear that the relationship between Bianca Ingrosso, 24 and Philip Cohen, 24, was over, so Bianca had lived a real life. In the podcast "Have you said A, you have to say B", as Bianca with your best friend Alice Stanleyoff, 22, Bianca has told in recent weeks about her new everyday life.

There are trips to Paris with the neck Victor Lexel, notes at the indoor Spy Bar for 13,000 SEK and very late nights.

In the last episode of the podcast, Bianca gets hot for her ears when Alice starts reading the SMS Bianca sent her during parties.

"Your only life will burn me. I'm about to enter the wall, Alice says.

Bianca says she met Alice's boyfriend Phillip Wong at the Nosh & Chow site in Stockholm.

Alice Stanley and Bianca Ingrosso
Alice Stenlöf and Bianca Ingrosso run podcast "Have you said A must say B". Source: Stella Pictures.

"We can cut it here"

– I can record chat messages with you. Now we'll see … Can I read what you wrote? We can cut it off altogether, says Alice, before it begins:

The time is 02.01 and Bianca writes:

"I'm about to die – all Nosh boys take me I live my best life, hahaha"

"I've never been through this, I have type 15 drinks from different boys," and then I answer to the "Queen".

Then Bianca writes "Fix me and your cock at 309".

309 is one of the nightclubs located in Sturecompagniet in Stureplan, and when Bianca writes "your cock" she refers to Alice's boyfriend.

Bianca Ingroso Philip Cohen
As the relationship between Bianca and Philip Cohen ends, Bianca has lived a real life. Source: Stella Pictures

"He caught me all night"

Bianca then took the opportunity to love Alice's boyfriend in a text message to Alice:

"I'm dying for him, I think I love him."

A little later, Alice receives another text message from Bianca. Then Bianca writes and writes that he is in the wall of the night club in Sturplan. Then he writes again of Alice's boyfriend of nothingness:

– Love it. He caught me all night.

Bianca points out she spent a little with Alice when she sent the text message. Bianca finished her race with text messages saying: "Now we will run, Hare!"

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